Everybody, it's time for the


So, clean your barrels and take aim, because
this one's gonna be a doozy.

1950 proves to be quite a year. Just take a
gander at the following list of young people
who qualified for the competition. I say
"people" because we've got our first female in
the running since 1945 - and they're related!

George Hyancine, Stanley County - Age 16
Frederick Dorenholtz, Spink County - Age 15
Becka Feedle, Minnehaha County - Age 13
Victor Walters, Lyman County - Age 16
Douglas Lehrink, Meade County - Age 15
Spence Jaksen, Codington Conty - Age 17


See also other files in the series - YRSD519597, YRSD519595, and a secure file YRSD519594

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