Thank you for your participation in the War Department
land survey. This undertaking will only succeed if you
follow the instructions to the letter.

Use the enclosed map to chart the parameters of the LDP.
If all goes according to plan, this classified project
will break ground in the next two years.

Notice the epicenter point on the map - all directives
will originate from it. Also, we have designated 26
strongholds with reddish-brown squares; these will be
imperative as you move forward.

Good luck.

The army uses radio towers to communicate vital
information about the LDP to other operatives within the
department. You must locate all 26 towers and assign them
with the appropriate military code letter - the
coordinates are listed below.

(X) 19-X-1
(Z) 26-Y-1
(A) 14-H2-1
(Y) 19-E2-4
(W) 22-D2-1
(V) 29-A2-1
(T) 39-Z-2

(U) 29-J2-1
(R) 34-L2-3
(S) 40-J2-2
(Q) 33-P2-4
(B) 16-R2-3
(O) 32-T2-1
(N) 34-W2-4

(F) 25-V2-1
(E) 24-W2-1
(P) 37-R2-3
(L) 42-A3-4
(M) 39-W2-4
(K) 32-H3-4
(C) 15-C3-3

(D) 17-F3-4
(H) 22-L3-2
(G) 17-N3-3
(I) 24-K3-3
(J) 29-K3-2


These are powerful radio transmitters; each one is able to
broadcast all the way to HQ, and their signals can reach
as far in the opposite direction, as well. So, to chart
the coverage of each tower, draw a line in RED INK from HQ
to the designated tower. Next, continue the line so that
its length is doubled. When you are done, each radio
tower will be the halfway point on its respective red

Locate the end mark of each red line and COMPLETELY fill
in the 4X4 square where it lands. Denote these end points
with the same military letter code assigned to its
corresponding radio tower.

Locate the key in the lower right corner of your map.
Using this as a guide, connect the end-points of each red
line using BLUE INK.

Identify every instance where 2 of your blue lines
intersect while also overlapping a notable landmark.
Designate these points with black dots and then connect
them all with BLACK INK and you will reveal the perimeter
of our proposed LDP.


Write down the locations of every geographical feature
located along this black boundary line. Then, organize
the coordinates from smallest to largest, separating each
number with a hyphen.

Run a GET function in SRPANET with this string.


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