XR-14 Bellock is a shotgun created by Piers Olmey from Shipdown, Oklahoma for the New American Republic.

Though only seen in prototype form, the XR-14 resembled a XR-13 Bellock but the 40mm grenade launcher original rotary magazine has been rechambered to fire twelve-gauge shotgun shells. Seen as more a successor of the Rossmore Combat Shotgun rather than a Bellock Grenade Launcher, it was designed to combat the feral Chimera such as Grims and Howlers which roamed freely during the Chimeran occupation of the United States. The shotgun was also designed to combat Human communities who refused the New American Republic and Judge George Ramsey's demands.


Even though created just after the fall of the United States when there was still a surviving, and sometimes thriving, Human population scattered across the country; The fact that it took two settlements, Shipdown and Tunnel-Through, to form a pact in order just create a weapon to guarentee their own survivals shows how potentially fierce and how dire the hunt for state-manufactured weapons and ammunition had become to the survivors. The XR-14, though only a prototype, shouldn't be a Bellock as it is a shotgun instead of a grenade launcher so could be the one of the first recycled weapons - created from parts of other weapons. The XR-14 start of a category that includes Shrapnel Grenades and the Mutator, however has its own unique quality as the only known post-apocolyptic weapon to be lined up for mass production.

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