Captain Winters was a American commander who participated in Operation Deliverance.

Captain Winters led Baker Company and was deployed as a part of Operation Deliverance to York on July 11th, 1951. When the operation went wrong and Crawlers wiped out Arrow Company, he led the remaining units on a daring tactical offensive at an abandoned bus depot in southeast York to secure a landing zone. Although his plan worked with the help of Sergeant Nathan Hale, the Chimera ended the battle by launching spires. The spires deployed Crawlers which attacked the entire company and infected them. Winters' fate is unknown, although it is likely that he was taken to a conversion center in Grimsby and converted into a Chimeran variant.


  • Winters can be unlocked as a multiplayer skin in R:FOM by reaching level 49 (Major General) but unfortunately the player can't edit the skin.
  • Captain Winters could be named after Captain Richard D. Winters, a heroic officer in WWII who was featured in the HBO mini-series Band of Brothers. In 2016 Lead Character Designer Damon Iannuzzi confirmed they were the same person. [1]
  • When Hale first reaches the depot Winters has a Fareye, but right before the spire attack he has a carbine, although this maybe because he switched to a carbine before he came down or got it off another soldier.
  • There is a glitch in the last level of York, if during the cutscene you don't jump out of the building where Captain Winters and two fellow soldiers, turn around and look at Winters and you'll realize that his Fareye is half way through his face.


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