Congressional Committee on SRPA Appropriations
Follow-up on Sentinel Spending Line Item Discussion

Below are a list, with some back-up documentation,
of the four Sentinel blackbox weapons in the report.

As was stated in the meeting, Sentinels are the
priority in equipment and resources.

The following weapons are in the pipeline.

An improved belt fed minigun. Note the control
stick operation.

Ref Doc: BB338766

This Sniper Rifle is being designed with upgrades
made possible by the information on alien technology
that the DOW has managed to reverse engineer.

Ref Doc: BB161955

This hand-carried grenade launcher is portable,
surprisingly light, multiple load. Hopefully
effective against larger aliens.

Ref DOC: BB454766

Splicer, a close range saw-like weapon. This on
recommendation from Europe who said that a saw-like
weapon would be useful in deconstruction and
extraction in alien held areas, although we are not
yet clear on exactly what that means. This weapon
is still under development and is probably the
farthest from Engineering Test or Prototype Phase.

Ref: BB524792

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