Villepinte is a commune in the northeastern suburbs of Paris, France and it is located 18.3 km (11.4 mi) from the center of Paris. Villepinte and all the suburbs of Paris were attacked and completely occupied by the Chimera in 1950. During the invasion, the hud tower was excavated by the Chimera. 

Resistance: Retribution Edit

On September 6th, 1951, James Grayson had been sent to Paris by Major Stephen Cartwright and Colonel Rachel Parker. Grayson assisted Colonel Roland Mallery in eliminating Advanced Hybrids and Drones. After the fight, Mallery tricked Grayson by taking the wrong way and locking him up, leaving Grayson behind.

Grayson was able to fight his way through the Cloven stronghold. which lies beneath the city of Paris and following Mallery all the way to the Chrysalis Lair. After the tower fell, the Chimera became disorganized and began to die in Western Europe.

Gallery Edit

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