UED invasion map

A map made by the UED depicting the Chimeran invasion of Europe.

The United European Defense (UED) was a security component of the European Trade Organization (ETO).


The UED was an European intergovernmental military alliance that was founded sometime in the 1930s, which served as a defensive response to the threat of isolationist Russia. The UED was responsible for creating the Military Defense Commission (MDC), a research and development branch, which focused in creating advanced weapons such as sniper rifles and rocket launchers. The UED also possessed a close diplomatic relationship with the United States in establishing increasing international trade between them during the Roosevelt administration. By 1949, under the presidency of Noah Grace the U.S. severed it's ties to the UED and stopped providing weapons and aid.[1]

Concerned of Russia, the UED had originally planned a military contingency should Russia ever tried to invade Europe; but this proved useless with the appearance of the Chimera. Despite European military cooperation, it took the Chimera little more than two months to conquer mainland Europe (December 1949-March 1950). This was partly due to the flawless coordination of the Chimera, their ability to roll over certain static defense positions and the extreme psychological affect the appearance and actions of the Chimera had on UED soldiers. All the years of UED planning was overshadowed instantly with the Chimeran onslaught. This was especially seen during the Siege of Genoa, where soldiers reported them as being unstoppable and several hundred killed themselves rather than fight the 'unholy' Chimera. Furthermore, during the Chimera's continental conquest, UED nations splintered in their allegiance and desperately fighting each other for military resources and time.[2] In one incident, the UED went as far to halting British VTOLs to obtain their supplies and secretly murdering their crews in retaliation to the British redirecting their needed resources from Europe to the Avalon One colony in Australia.[1]

After the fall of Europe, remnant of the UED continued to exist and operate through a radical splinter group of its former self known as the Maquis, whom were a large resistance group composed of mixed nationalities.



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