US-Army en rout to Great Britain

Three U/AV-17 Hawks in the opening scene of Resistance: Fall of Man.

The U/AV-17 Hawk is a VTOL aircraft used by the United States Army. The Hawk is consider to be the most versatile transport used by the military as it is perfected in possessing a high payload capacity such as carrying tanks, and can either provide tactical support from its .30 caliber door guns or return to be loaded with additional military deployment(s).

Resistance: Fall of ManEdit

An airborne fleet of Hawks participated in Operation Deliverance, dropping the 1st Ranger Regiment into combat in York; where many Hawks are shot down by Chimeran anti-aircraft fire (primarily from Chimeran mortar). It is later seen dropping soldiers and M-12 Sabertooth tanks in the final joint American and British assault on the London Tower during the Battle of London.


The U/AV-17 Hawk is a US VTOL combat transport and light armor. When delivering soldiers, the Hawk swivels its rotors to direct downwash away from the jump doors. This allows soldiers to fast-rope down while under cover of the .30 caliber door guns. Once its cargo is away, the Hawk's versatility means it can loiter to offer tactical support or quickly return to be loaded for another deployment.

Resistance 2Edit

The Hawk has a few new design features like what appears to be a refueling probe and can be seen with double-chain mounted .50 caliber cannons. Its still in use by the U.S. military during the Chimeran invasion of America as transport for SRPA forces, including Black Ops squads and Sentinel teams, specifically Echo Team. It is also seen attempting to perform attack runs before being shot down.

Resistance 3Edit

The Remnants came to the possession of a Hawk and jerry-rigged it to run on Chimeran power cells that is commonly used by Chimeran Dropships. The Hawk also has what appears to be sideburns painted on the hull similar to Charlie Tent's. Ellis Turner served as the VTOL's pilot.

The Remnants' Hawk came under fire from Chimeran forces and was forced to land, costing the loss of its fuel core in the process. Charlie Tent broke a deal with Joseph Capelli in helping the Remnants in securing a Chimeran power core to replace their VTOL's in exchange in offering transport for Capelli and Dr. Malikov to New York City. Capelli and the Remnants succeeded in shooting down the dropship, capturing the power core and repaired the VTOL.

Later in New York City, the Remnants used the VTOL to rescue Capelli from being overwhelmed by heavy Chimeran forces. Soon after, Tent and Capelli then boarded a terraformers, forcing it to collide with the New York Chimeran tower to closing the wormhole before escaping at the last moment on the VTOL.

Also in New York City, a crashed Hawk can be found that had participated in the SRPA operation to destroy the New York Tower.


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