U.S.S Lexington is a multiplayer map featured in Resistance: Fall of Man. It takes place on the deck of a American aircraft carrier.


The U.S.S Lexington is supposed to be one of the aircraft carriers that deployed American troops in Operation: Deliverance as it looks similar to the one that Nathan Hale.

The map contains several vehicles (all of which cannot be driven) and some crates, which can be used effectively for cover, as the map is a very open map. The deck does not contain any rails, so it is all too easy for players to fall off of the map and into the ocean. Players could chose to do close quarter combat around the crates and tanks in the middle of the map, or go to the far port side and snipe from a distance.

Due to its large size, the map is perfect for large team games.



  • This USS Lexington is actually the fifth ship to bear the name, CV-16, as can be seen from the absence of the enormous funnel which characterised the earlier CV-2. This is actually an error, since the fifth Lexington was only so named after the fourth was sunk during the Battle of the Coral Sea. If World War II had not happened, it is likely CV-16 would have been called USS Cabot.
  • Insomniac had originally planned on starting the single player campaign inside the USS Lexington, where the player would be introduced to story elements and a gameplay tutorial. However due to development time constraints, this had to be cut, and the setting was salvaged as a multiplayer map.[1]
  • A bug in the multiplayer map, where the player would force his avatar into the crook of a door frame then look up toward the sky, would allow the player to shoot up onto a normally unreachable ledge, from where he could drop down onto and explore an undeveloped large section of the ship's deck [patched?].


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