Tunnel-Through, Oklahoma was a large post-apocolypse settlement run by Judge George Ramsey. Tunnel-Through was the de facto captial of the New American Republic. The settlement was created in a railroad tunnel, one of two in the state of Oklahoma, the other being the Jensen Tunnel.

Created by Judge Ramsey's foresight, before Denver collapsed, the railroad tunnel was stocked with supplies and sealed up before the Chimera came. Tunnel-Through's pedestrian entrance was a hatch that opened onto a ravine which led to a maze of side tunnels before reaching the track. through It also included a train with a locomotive, a flatcar-mounted diesel generator, a string of fuelled up tank cars and three passenger cars, the last one housing Ramsey's office and sleeping quarters. The train was regularly used by Judge Ramsey and his army of Regulators whenever they needed to travel long distances, partly aiding in the 290 mile journey Ramsey took to crush President Thomas Voss' government in Freedom Base One in Arkansas.

Tunnel-Through under the vision of Judge Ramsey, who wanted an authoritarian government instead of Voss' democratic one, became a de facto capital for Ramsey's New American Republic (N.A.R.) and thus became a stronghold in North Oklahoma a power demostrated by the seazing and changing of infrustructure in Shipdown, a settlement as large as Tunnel-Through residing in a Downed Chimeran Battleship. Some Tunnel-Through citizens helped the N.A.R's cause by manufacturing ammunition, the main source of income to the settlement. Many survivors flocked to Tunnel-Through because they saw it as a safe haven, which allowed Ramsey to have an army of hundreds of Regulators as well as continuing the ammunition trade, even more survivors arrived at Tunnel-Through was Ramsey's attack on Freedom Base One and Pres. Voss led to the capture of the original Hale Vaccine, which Ramsey used 4,000 of the 5,000 obtained to recruit more survivors into the N.A.R.

The destruction on Freedom Base One brought bad tides onto the settlement of Tunnel-Through as Pres. Thomas Voss survived and ordered a reprisal on Judge Ramsey which meant the remnants of the United States Army, under the command of, former Sentinel, Cpt. Marvin Kawecki, set out to destroy Ramsey and dissolve Tunnel-Through. The First Battle for Tunnel-Through on January 12th/13th, 1954 barely scaved the settlement and led to the death of Kawecki and destruction of the U.S. Army and it's coaltion of neighbouring Oklahoma forces. However, just two days later a second attempt was made on the settlement, not by Humans but a Chimeran Death Squad from their base in Blackwell, OK. Angered by the actions of Joseph Capelli, a coalition survivor from the first battle, the large Death Squad chased the man to Tunnel-Through where they proceeded to slaughter all involved in it. There were, if any, few survivors.

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