Once Germany formally joined the European Trade Organization, they brought with them some of the world's best engineers. The combination of German technology and European resources resulted in several advanced infrastructure developments, including the Tricon Rail Line; a network of high-speed train lines that opened all corners of Europe to fast, cheap, and easy travel. Strange tales from along the Russian border spooked the masses, and radical members of UED feared a Russian invasion was inevitable, so they proposed destroying the rail lines before the Russians could use them to spread west more rapidly. These blokes were overruled, and did what anyone in their right mind would do -- they told the UED to bugger off. In '48, they splintered away and established the Maquis. For years, the Maquis sabotaged key Tricon rail networks, but the lines were essential to trade, and the ETO would always rebuild them. The twisted steel bar I found was no longer than my forearm. Its fractured edges were razor sharp, and its body still warm... The Chimera's oversized tractor chewed up and spit out what the Maquis could not destroy in years.

-- Journal Entry, 02 September, 1951 -- James Grayson

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