The altar, the symbols, the blood...This room was some kind of Cloven ritual chamber. I found a chunk of Gray Tech jammed in the middle of their bonfire. What the hell did they think it was? The soddin' zombie idiots didn't realise the Yanks and the Frogs were trying to outrace each other to collect this precious technology, each of them so desperate to gain the upper hand in some bizarre arms race against the Chimera. Despite their small numbers, the Cloven were a formidable army. If they had realised the value of the loot they were sitting on, and somehow reverse-engineered this tech, instead of singing songs and dancing around it like a bunch of monkeys, they quite possibly could have defeated both the humans and the Chimera. These geeks would have inherited the earth.

--Journal Entry, 06 September, 1951-- James Grayson

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