All attempts to communicate with the Cloven failed. According to Dr. Bouchard, there is only one recorded incident where they succeeded-in late 1950 a group of six Cloven were brought to the Luxembourg labs. While the six seemed much more coherent, they were never fully 'human.' One by one, each 'specimen' was studied, tested, dissected, and then euthanized-in other words 'tortured.' As the group's numbers decreased, those that remained became more feral, more incoherent, more insane. The last one cut out his own tongue and bled to death. Raine's father thought this group behavior was proof of Cloven telepathy-that somehow when in a group the Cloven-like a hive mind-were more intelligent, calm, human. I say bullshit. I wonder if Dr. Butcher (er...Bouchard) ever considered that maybe having to watch your mates be dissected alive might induce a certain amount of madness?

-- Journal Entry, 03 September, 1951 -- James Grayson

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