Tom Olsen was one of Warden Hiram Brewster's personal bodyguards in The Lucky Buckle Mine.

Olsen's job was to protect the Warden from Colorado State inmates, his own correctional officers should they turn on him and any Chimera that might stumble on the mine. Olsen and his collegue Pete Pardo also sexually assaulted the female prisoners of the mine during weapon checks.

On September 26th, 1953, Inmate Susan Farley and Correctional Officer Red Cooper informed Olsen, Pardo and Warden Brewster of a collapse tunnel in Tunnel 4 which left another correctional officer, Atkins, dead. Later that day, Farley kills Warden Brewster, who had attempted to rape her, Olsen rushes into the Warden's office to see what the commotion is, shoots at Farley but misses and is punished by being shot in the head and killed.