The United European Defense was a collection of piss-ant nations united together to defend against the ominous threat rising in Russia. When Russia's Red Curtain finally dropped, and all hell poured into Western Europe, the UED nations cut and ran -- fighting each other for military resources.

This UED recruitment poster perfectly sums it all up; the original text read, 'A Stronger, Safer, Unified Europe is counting on YOU! Males between 19 and 30, see your local recruitment center today! Get a free toaster!' The faded text had been crossed out and painted over several times, adjusting the age requirement up and down, 'Males between 18 and 33'....'between 14 and 50', eventually becoming, 'Men and Women of all ages'.

Toaster Shortage

By the end, there was no longer any mention of a free toaster.

-- Journal Entry, 30 August, 1951 -- James Grayson