(Based on dates given directly from the games, official websites, and other media)


Date Unknown

  • Radical members of the United European Defense argue for the destruction of the Tricon Rail Line based on the likelihood that they will be used by Russian military forces and spread across the west. The radicals were overruled. However, in response, the radicals splinter from the UED and form an independent group known as the "Maquis".[1]


  • March 25th: Joseph Capelli begins Basic Combat Training at Camp Wolters, Texas.


  • April 16th: Kenneth Danby completes his IADT at Syracuse Rot Camp.


  • May 31st: Kenneth Danby is promoted to First Lieutenant.


  • July 14th: SRPA Tactical Ops propose the creation of a class of super-soldiers called "Sentinels".[2]


  • Ukrainian Propaganda - A survey of Russian radio broadcasts yields strong signals.
    European intelligence agencies try to listen in to Russian radio broadcasts. A British Intelligence MI6 listening station in the Ukraine begins a survey of Russian radio broadcasts. After six weeks, the only signals heard are looping propaganda programs in Russian encouraging, "Brotherhood, strength and the face of the angry night". There are no new broadcasts over across a network of 12,000 stations serving nearly 100 million citizens. Two days before the survey is complete, the listening station intercepts electromagnetic radiation emanating from Russia. The powerful signal causes the receivers to overheat, and electrocutes five men.



  • October 13th: 43 mine workers died during a mining accident in the Romanstern Mine in Lawrence County, South Dakota, while others were trapped within the mine. Nathan Hale was among the trapped workers and managed to save three of his co-workers. Congressman Marvin Dragonas gave his blessings to the dead and announced the mine will be close down and, for unknown reasons, cordoning the entire region from the public.[3]


  • Grace's Third Term - Complacent public opinion leads to Grace's upheaval of both the administration and the air waves.
    President Grace is re-elected for a unprecedented third straight term, but with America's lowest turnout of votes ever in 70 years. The Grace Administration downplays this fact, focusing instead on their vast margin of victory. Viewing his re-election as a mandate, President Grace begins a series of radio broadcasts called "Evening Conversations", "In order to better communicate with the American people the manner in which their government works for them."


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