An image of James Grayson standing in front of some buildings appears.

  • Rachel Parker (narrating): I had heard of Grayson, of course. Everyone had, leading up to those days before the fall of the London tower. We all knew how it had begun. The night of the fifteenth of May, 1951.

A picture appears which shows a Menial and an infected soldier in a Conversion Center. The picture turns into real life and the Menial approaches the body as British soldiers' voices are heard behind a closed steel door.

  • Rachel Parker (narrating): The night that James Grayson's life changed forever.

Manchester, England
15 May, 1951

  • The Sergeant: Where's Lieutenant Grayson?
  • British Soldier 1: No Idea.
  • British Soldier 2: Lieutenant, where are you?

The door behind the Menial swings open, there stands Lt. Grayson, the Menial turns around but is killed by 3 shots from Grayson's Mk.6 Carbine. Grayson approaches the body.

  • James Grayson: Hey! We've got a live one in here. We've got... [Grayson looks into the soldiers face and recognizes him as his brother Johnny.] no. NO! Oh Johnny! [Grayson looks at the blood on his hand, then back at his brother.] No. No... No.[Grayson slides down into a kneeling position] Johnny.

British Soldier 3 appears at the door and runs towards Grayson.

  • British Soldier 3: Sarge! In here! [He approaches Grayson and kneels next to Grayson.] Grayson, what the hell's the matter?

The Sergeant appears and walks into the room.

  • James Grayson: My brother, Johnny.
  • The Sergeant: For chrissake, what is it?
  • British Soldier 3: It's his brother.
  • James Grayson: Why... Why Johnny.

The Sergeant approaches Grayson's brother and looks at him.

  • The Sergeant: Oh bollocks. [The Sergeant looks at Grayson who is muttering uncontrollably, he then looks at British Soldier 3,] Get him out of here.
  • James Grayson: Oh Jesus. Ahhhgh.

British Soldier 3 stands up and takes hold of Grayson, who stands up and pushes British Soldier 3 away, he then turns to the Sergeant who was pulled out his pistol.

  • James Grayson: No!

Grayson pulls The Sergeant's arm away.

  • The Sergeant: Grayson, you know the regs. We can't let him live.
  • James Grayson: I know the regs, dammit. [quietly] I'll do it.

Grayson pulls out his pistol and points it at his brother's head. His brother now infected by the Chimeran Virus, screams at him and the screen goes black which is then followed by a gunshot, killing his brother.

  • Rachel Parker (narrating): His brother's death had sent Grayson over the edge. Grayson deserted his unit and went on a vendetta to destroy every Chimera conversion center he could find.

The scene returns where Lt. Stephen Cartwright runs across and abandoned alley to find the Sergeant and British Soldier 3 standing next to a lit barrel. The two soldiers see Cartwright approach and salute him.

  • Stephen Cartwright: Where [Cartwright salutes] the hell's your Lieutenant?! Where's Grayson?
  • The Sergeant: We don't know sir.
  • Stephen Cartwright: What do you mean you don't know?
  • British Soldier 3: We can't find him.
  • The Sergeant: It was his brother sir, he found his brother.
  • British Soldier 3: He just went crazy.
  • The Sergeant: He's gone.
  • Stephen Cartwright: *sighs* Ah, damn it. *pause* Follow me.

All three soldiers walk off. Screen changes to a newspaper with the main headline being: "CHIMERA TOWER FALLS! LONDON IS FREE!"

  • Rachel Parker (narrating): I didn't meet Grayson, personally, until the trial, months after the fall of the Chimera tower in London. Cartwright, as his commanding officer, had been called to testify. He became a hero to many. But desertion [The newspaper changes to the Worm prison in the pouring rain with VTOL's flying over and the abandoned Chimeran Tower in the background] in time of war is a capital offense. And the law would make no exceptions. [A car approaches the Worm and is allowed in by a guard] Grayson would have died in that prison, but for the intervention of an extraordinary woman.

The scene changes into a cell.

London, England
29 August, 1951

A VTOL flies past the window and a man can be heard breathing deeply. The Camera zooms out away from the window to show that the man is Pte. James Grayson who is doing press ups. The door opens and Maj. Cartwright appears along with Lt. Raine Bouchard. The Sergeant and British Soldier 3 can be seen in the background but they wait outside.

  • Stephen Cartwright: On your feet, Private. [Grayson carries on doing push ups, ignoring him.] Grayson, I said on your feet.

Grayson carries on doing push ups, still ignoring him.

  • James Grayson: The rats in here keep getting bigger and bigger.

Cartwright, now with anger in his face, approaches Grayson but Bouchard holds him back.

  • Raine Bouchard: It's all right Major. I can handle this.
  • Stephen Cartwright: Right. We'll be just outside.

Cartwright walks out, closing the door behind him. Bouchard looks at Grayson for a moment, then approaches him.

  • Raine Bouchard: Private Grayson, my name is Raine Bouchard, I am with the Maquis.
  • James Grayson: I know who you're with.

Grayson stops doing push ups.

  • Raine Bouchard: I am here to request your assistance...
  • James Grayson: The resistance. [Grayson stands up, slowly walks towards her, picks up a lighter from her left jacket pocket take the cigarette from his left ear and light it, he inhales it once and breathes out slowly.] The resistance. You swam all the way across the channel, did you? Here to beg for help?
  • Raine Bouchard: Our mission is top secret, how did you know about this?
  • James Grayson: Word gets around. We take out the tower in London. You want help with yours. Where is it, Paris? Berlin?
  • Raine Bouchard: Paris. But I am sure you knew that as well.
  • James Grayson: So why are you here? Doing some last minute sight seeing before heading back to France?
  • Raine Bouchard: You tell me.
  • James Grayson: You want to know about the conversion centers. I told you. Word gets around.
  • Raine Bouchard: How many centers have you *pauses* destroyed?
  • James Grayson: Hah. You want me to tell you everything I've seen. Everything I know before I stop seven or eight bullets in front of a firing squad. Is that it?
  • Raine Bouchard: [looking at the paper] No, actually. [looking at James] So you don't know everything. I am here to offer you a reprieve.

Raine Bouchard pulls out a piece of paper and Grayson reads it.

  • James Grayson: Oh, so I get to be a grunt, working for the Maquis? [He chucks the paper down] Taking orders from frogs and a broad? No thanks sister.
  • Raine Bouchard: You would rather die? Here? Executed by your own people? What happened to you Grayson? I've read your file. So you lost your family. Look around, we have all lost family.
  • James Grayson: Look, what do you want to know? All right, yeah, I burned down some of their shithole conversion centers. So what? They're done. The Menials, the Grayjacks, every damn one of them's gone. There's no more of us to replace them. The last center I burned out was already abandoned. The Chimera are dead.
  • Raine Bouchard: Wrong again. That is twice if you're counting. They are hardly dead. They are *pause* evolving. My father has spent several years working with the Maquis [Bouchard holds up a vial full of red liquid which is most probably blood] developing a serum - this serum - that can stop the new conversion process. We are close, James. With your help [Bouchard touches Grayson on the shoulder] - your experience - I can get the materials we need to finish it.
  • James Grayson: Ahh. Tell Cartwright I want my brother's jacket back.

Dover, England
30 August, 1951

A picture labeled appears showing Grayson with a group of soldiers.

  • Rachel Parker (narrating): At the time we had no idea why his brother's jacket was so important to him. We had no idea how Bouchard convinced Grayson, [Pictures changes to Grayson's back ends showing a Hybrid skull above the two guns shaped like an "X".] but he agreed to work under the authority of the Maquis and became an integral part of Operation Overstrike. [A picture shows a group of VTOLs "P-1117 Kingfisher" flying over some farm-fields.] The plan was simple. Our Intelligence Corp. agreed to send two squadrons to help the Maquis, headquartered in Luxembourg. [The picture changes to another picture showing Stephen Cartwright in front of some soldiers and a VTOL] Stephen Cartwright, a Major in the British Royal Marine Commandos, would lead the First Squadron. [The picture changes into a picture of Rachel Parker in front of some soldiers and a VTOL.] I would lead the Second Squadron four hours later. [The picture changes again to show Chimeran Gun Towers next to the sea.] But time was short. Over the past three years the Chimera had been busy. Massive fortifications were being constructed all along the coastlines of Western Europe - soon it would be impossible for anyone to get in, or out.

The picture changes to a map that shows Dover and Rotterdam.

  • Rachel Parker (narrating): Our squadrons would use one of the few remaining open corridors through the Chimera defenses, a narrow strip over Rotterdam. [An arrow appears from Dover and crosses over to Rotterdam.] Accompanied by the Maquis, our forces would cross Chimera lines into Luxembourg, and then on to Paris. [An arrow goes from Rotterdam to Luxembourg and then to Paris.] But we discovered, too late, that the Maquis were wrong.

The scene changes to a first squadron of VTOLs flying through the air. Suddenly, a blast hit the VTOL and the VTOLs scatter as more blasts fire. Grayson and Bouchard are holding on to the railing inside their VTOL as a blast just misses their aircraft.

  • Pilot [Radio]: We're under fire! Repeat! We're under fire!!
  • Raine Bouchard: [to Grayson] Jump! Bail out, bail out!

James turns around to Col. Roland Mallery who is clinging for his life.

  • James Grayson: Come on Molly, time to go!
  • Roland Mallery: You son of a bitch!

Mallery jumps out followed by Grayson and then Bouchard. Just as Bouchard makes it out the VTOL is blown out of the sky.

Burning SkiesEdit

Coastal Defenses: Rotterdam, Netherlands
30 August, 1951

Operation Overstrike is off to a piss-poor start. Our
squadron's been ambushed by three massive Gun
Towers, and British soldiers are raining from the sky.
Second Squadron will be here soon.

A week ago, Rotterdam was clear. Since then the
Chimera sealed off the entire Atlantic coastline. If the
bloody gorillas were able to build all this in less than
a week, what have they built in France and Germany
-- which they've occupied for over two years?

--Pvt. James Grayson, Maquis Mercenary


Grayson is seen parachuting as the Gun Towers and a Goliath shoot at the VTOLs in the background.

  • Pilot 2 [Radio]: Jump. Everyone out now! Those Gun Towers are chewing us up! We'll never make it! Mayday! Mayday!
  • Stephen Cartwright [Radio]: Attention Second Squadron -- Parker, the zone is hostile. Turn back to Dover, I repeat, turn back to Dover.

Grayson see the building in front of him as his parachute drifts towards it.

  • James Grayson: Bloody hell. Coming in hard!

The screen blackens only to turn back again and show Grayson, free from his parachute that's tangled up in the roof, run towards Bouchard, who's already in cover.

  • Raine Bouchard: Rotterdam is crawling with Chimera.
  • James Grayson: I left death row for this?
  • Raine Bouchard: Maquis intelligence said Rotterdam was clear.

The screen shows a Hybrid just outside the window fighting unseen soldiers below. A huge explosion happens and Grayson and Bouchard cover their ears.

  • James Grayson: That is anything but bloody clear.
  • Raine Bouchard: Mallery survived the jump and has established a rally point. He will have a plan to get us out.
  • James Grayson: The hell with Mallery. The Second Squadron will be here in an hour. I'm going to destroy that gun, and see they don't get the same welcome we got.


  • Raine Bouchard: Wait, you're injured. Here, use these. Chimera Dropships scatter them everywhere for injured Hybrids, but they works on humans as well.

Grayson and Bouchard run across the room and to the wardrobe.

  • James Grayson: Over there, we can get down through the floor.

Grayson pushes the wardrobe.

  • James Grayson: Here we go.

The wardrobe falls down through the flight of stairs and Bouchards runs down them.

  • James Grayson: C'mon. Lets move.
  • Raine Bouchard: On my way.

Lt. Bouchard jumps down and is immediately attacked by three Hybrids.

  • James Grayson: Look out.
  • Raine Bouchard: I see them!

Bouchard and Grayson manage to kill three Hybrids but two more jump down.

  • Raine Bouchard: Enemy's jumping down!

After killing last two Hybrids.

  • Raine Bouchard: It's clear now. Let's go!

Bouchard and Grayson jump over a barricade and into the room that the Hybrids were waiting in.

  • James Grayson: Streets are crawlin'. Stay back!

Grayson looks through a hole in the wall and down to the streets below, on the streets there are three Hybrids fighting one Maquis soldier.

  • James Grayson: Hey it's one of yours down there.

Bouchard, Grayson and the Maquis soldier kill three Hybrids and two more jump out of a building to the right, they kill two more Hybrids and, once again, two Hybrids join the fight, this time coming from behind the last Chimera, eventually they all killed.

  • James Grayson: C'mon. Let's move.
  • Raine Bouchard: On my way.

Bouchard jumps through the hole and down to the street below, Grayson follows. Bouchard speaks to the Maquis soldier.

  • Raine Bouchard: How badly are you hurt?
  • Maquis Soldier 1: I'm fine, but Martin jumped with me. He broke his leg up there on the second floor. [The soldier pauses] I need to reach him. Can you help me climb up there?

The Maquis soldier runs to the building and hoists Grayson up there, Grayson picks up Martin's BM001 Razor, turns around and sees a dead Maquis soldier.

  • James Grayson: Shit sorry. Your friend didn't make it. Shouldn't let his weapon go to waste.

Grayson jumps down to the street, the moment he touches the floor, a fence comes crashing down and three Hybrids come out shooting madly.

  • Raine Bouchard: Hybrids!
  • James Grayson: Get yer head down!

They kill the Hybrids with the loss of the Maquis soldier and proceed down the street.

  • Raine Bouchard: Rally point's ahead!

The two of them reach the end of the road and some Hybrids start firing through the building. Luckily, there is a Machine Gun mounted there and Grayson uses it to fight them off.

  • Raine Bouchard: Watch out!
  • Raine Bouchard: Contact! Second floor!

More and more Hybrids appear.

  • Raine Bouchard: There's too many!

Both of them manage to kill the remaining Hybrids.

  • Raine Bouchard: There's the rally point!

Bouchard, followed by Grayson, run to a fence on the right of the street where a Maquis soldier is waiting.

  • Maquis Soldier 2: Lieutenant Bouchard, this way! Over here! Hurry!

The soldier opens the gate, Bouchard and Grayson run through and follow the soldier.


Bouchard walks in and looks around the small square and Col. Roland Mallery appears.

  • Roland Mallery: Raine! Thank god you're alive!
  • James Grayson: Yeah, she's alive. Which I can't say about a lot of my friends dropping from the sky right now.

Mallery and Grayson stand close to each other staring facce to face.

  • Roland Mallery: Watch your tone, Private. You're in my army now.
  • James Grayson: Yeah, right. I forgot. YOUR army, the Maquis, who just got First Squadron shot to hell.

Bouchard walks over to Grayson.

  • Raine Bouchard: Grayson that's not fair. [Puts her hand on Grayson's shoulder.] We didn't know...
  • Roland Mallery: Don't explain yourself to the rank and file, Lieutenant. Come. Gun Towers have been spotted up and down the coastline.

Bouchard and Mallery walk towards and door, just before they enter, Mallery turns around and speaks to Grayson.

  • Roland Mallery: Your orders are to stay and secure this sector.

Grayson moves towards Mallery aggressively.

  • James Grayson: That's a load of shit!

The Maquis soldier puts his gun up at Grayson.

  • Maquis Soldier 2: Hands in the air!

Grayson abides.

  • James Grayson: Just testing their reflexes. Pretty good. Way better than your intel guys. /Infected Mode/If I wasn't working for SRPA I'd snap all your necks right here!/Infected Mode/

Mallery laughs and Bouchard, the Maquis soldier and himself go into the building.

  • James Grayson: Bloody frog.

Grayson turns around and sees a British soldier next to him.

  • British Soldier 4: Lieutenant Grayson! Major Cartwright asked me to find you. He needs your help, sir!
  • James Grayson: You sure he asked for me? He must be in trouble. Alright, let's go.

Grayson and the British soldier run through an alley and into a building.


  • British Soldier 4: We located a downed VTOL. In a courtyard through here. Power's out. You have your field torch?
  • James Grayson: C'mon. Let's move.

The soldier moves and waits by a door.

  • James Grayson: Move up.

The Soldier kicks down the door.

  • British Soldier 4: Through here, Lieutenant.

The soldier runs in and a Hybrid pops out from behind the door, grabs the soldier and snaps his neck, killing him. Grayson kills the Hybrid along with two others behind him and hides as two more appear on the other side of a hole in the wall.

  • Stephen Cartwright [Radio]: This is Major Cartwright, to all survivors. Come in. Anyone.
  • James Grayson: Cartwright, this is Grayson. We've got to take out those Gun Towers. Second Squadron is inbound.

One more Hybrid appears on the other side of the wall and Grayson pops out of cover and kills all of them. He then jumps through the hole in the wall and kills two Hybrids at the top of a flight of stairs. At the top of the stairs he kills another Hybrid which was standing on top of a dead British soldier.


Grayson looks out of the window and sees Stephen Cartwright trying to jump on to the wing of the crashed VTOL. After two attempts, Cartwright gives up.

  • Stephen Cartwright [Radio]: I can't reach the cargo compartment. Janzen, get down here on the double. *pause* Janzen?
  • James Grayson: Janzen didn't make it, so you're stuck with me.
  • Stephen Cartwright [Radio]: Grayson, thank god. There are explosives onboard that VTOL we can use to destroy those Gun Towers. Come down and help me reach them. Your exit is blocked. If it's not one bloody thing it's another. On my way to bail you out.

Gameplay Two Hybrids appear and shoot at Cartwright

  • Stephen Cartwright [Radio]: Under fire!

Grayson picks up a Fareye FR-1 from the body of Janzen and shoots the explosive barrel next ot the two Hybrids, killing them instantly.

  • James Grayson: Go! I've got you covered.

Four Hybrids appear from alley ways and buildings.

  • James Grayson: Take cover!
  • Stephen Cartwright [Radio]: Cover me Grayson!

Grayson kills them all.

  • James Grayson: Move up.

Cartwright moves to the other side of the courtyard and four more Hybrids appear.

  • James Grayson: Look out.

Once again Grayson kills them all.

  • James Grayson: Advance!

Cartwright moves ahead and two more Hybrids attack him.

  • Stephen Cartwright [Radio]: Make yourself useful, Grayson!
  • James Grayson: Come on, can't you run any faster, old man?

Three more Hybrids appear and Grayson makes easy work of them.

  • James Grayson: It's clear. Go!

Cartwright enters the building.

  • Stephen Cartwright [Radio]: Stand clear!

Cartwright blows up some fallen debris which was blocking the stairs.

  • Stephen Cartwright [Radio]: That did it! Now come on out!

Grayson goes down the stairs and meets Cartwright at the bottom.

  • James Grayson: Grayson and Cartwright together again. I never thought I'd see this.
  • Stephen Cartwright: Well, desperate men do desperate things. VTOL's this way

Cartwright and Grayson leave the building and are immediately attacked. The two manage to kill three Hybrids.

  • Stephen Cartwright: Let's move!

More Hybrids appear.

  • Stephen Cartwright: Here they come!

The two soldiers kill a few and advance

  • Stephen Cartwright: Hybrids on the second floor!

The two soldiers kill all the remaining Hybrids in the area.

  • Stephen Cartwright: All clear. Go.

Cartwright runs towards the VTOL.

  • Stephen Cartwright: I need a leg up.

Grayson helps Cartwright up.

  • Stephen Cartwright: Cargo compartment's up there.

As soon as Cartwright stands on the top of the VTOL, enemy fire erupts. Grayson kills the last four Hybrids.

  • James Grayson: This was an ambush. I told you not to trust the Maquis.
  • Stephen Cartwright: Yes, it's amazing the convict didn't get a vote.

Cutscene Cartwright opens the VTOL door.

  • Stephen Cartwright: It's enough plastic to blow those Gun Towers to high hell.

A Titan roars.

  • James Grayson: Uh-oh, we've got company!

Cartwright jumps off the VTOL.

  • James Grayson: Where the hell are you going?

The Titan smashes from a house and roars again.


Titan attacks Grayson and fires.

  • Steven Cartwright: (yelling) Over here, you big ape!

Grayson open fire against Titan while Cartwright distract it. Titan turn back to his attention on Grayson.

  • Steven Cartwright: Take cover!

Grayson and Cartwright firing at Titan until it's heatstack ignited and blew the creature up. Cutscene A British marine gets out of the sewage drain.

Grayson and Cartwright run towards The Marine as he helps another fellow soldier out of the drain.

  • Stephen Cartwright: Status report, Sergeant.
  • British Soldier 5: We've located a Gun Tower entrance, but the sewers are heavily defended. It's suicide to go that way.
  • Stephen Cartwright: Suicide mission? That's your specialty, Grayson. Or is it forte now?
  • James Grayson: Either way I get to blow something up.

Cartwright points at The Marine.

  • Stephen Cartwright: Private, lead Grayson through the sewers. Sergeant, come with me.
  • British Soldier 5: Yes sir!

Cartwright and British Soldier 5 run off as Grayson and The Marine look down the hole.

  • James Grayson: Oh, I get the rookie!?

Cutscene ends and changes to a picture of parachuting British forces.

  • Rachel Parker (narrating): Survivors of the attack were scattered all over Rotterdam. Communication had broken down completely, not only between the squadrons, but between ground forces and British command back in Dover as well. [Scene changes to a picture of Grayson.] For the first hours, military discipline was reduced to a struggle for survival.

Crash SiteEdit

Coastal Defenses: Rotterdam, Netherlands
30 August, 1951

Cartwright never forgave me for deserting my post. It
was his testimony that led to my conviction and
death sentence. He probably even volunteered to be
on the firing squad. Yet here we are, on the shores of
Rotterdam, behind enemy lines, trying to stop the
Chimera guns from destroying Second Squadron.
You know it's a cold day in hell when Cartwright
turns to me for help. He's putting our personal
differences aside because Parker's life depends on
destroying those guns.


Grayson jumps into the sewer follow by The Marine. Grayson checks around the corner.

  • James Grayson: How far to the water intake facility?
  • The Marine: Few clicks. Beyond some canals and warehouses chock-full of Hybrids, Drones, Leapers. I've never seen so many Chimera, Lieutenant.
  • James Grayson: In case you didn't hear, it's Private Grayson now.
  • The Marine: That's a load of guff, sir.

A roar is heard.

  • The Marine: Watch out for the bloody Boilers. They get too close and their heads explode.
  • James Grayson: Boilers? I don't follow.
  • The Marine: Never seen one, eh? They've Chimera all right, but their plumbing's gone. Like a Menial except under their knickers.

The camera pans over to the Boiler down the sewer.

  • The Marine: See, the Boilers are gals, and not that different from the wife back home - ugly as shite and all ya hear is constant whining. And if ya ignore 'em, they come up and bloody go off on ya.


Grayson and The Marine engages the Boilers.

  • The Marine: Ugh, the girls are a whole lot uglier this side of the pond!

/Infected Mode/

  • The Marine: You look like dog-shit, Grayson. Your eyes all jaundiced!
  • James Grayson: I'm infected now.

/Infected Mode/

  • The Marine: Ya like that?!

After Grayson and The Marine had kills three Boilers.

  • James Grayson: C'mon. Let's move.
  • The Marine: Yes, sir!

five Boilers appears.

  • The Marine: Boilers!
  • The Marine: Die!

After eliminating five Boilers.

  • James Grayson: Let's move.
  • The Marine: Yes, sir!

Coming to a grate, where the Boiler appears.

  • The Marine: Something's there. Heads up!
  • James Grayson: Bloody hell!

Boilers blew up its head off, causing the grate door to breaks open. More Boilers appers.

  • The Marine: Bloody wenches!

After clearing four Boilers out.

  • James Grayson: It's clear. Move.
  • The Marine: Yes, sir!


Grayson and The Marine arrives to an empty drainage ditch.

  • The Marine: This was filled with water when we came through. Shite. Can't reach the exit. Wait, there's a flood control valve. I'll get it.

The Marine heads for the valve.

  • James Grayson: This smells like a trap. Be careful.

Leapers appears above the edge.

  • James Grayson: Watch out! Leapers! Get away from there!

A Leaper quickly swarm over The Marine.

  • The Marine: Oh god, no!!! Ahhhh! Grayson!!!! Stop it! Ahhhh...

The Marine is killed.


Leapers swarm attacks Grayson who starts firing at them.

  • James Grayson: Bugger off!

After clearing all the Leapers out, turning the valve, all the waters pouring in, bring Grayson to the surface, get out of the water, up the stairs and entering the warehouse.


After Grayson enters the warehouse, he saw several Worker Drones are disassembling the interior of the abandoned Chimeran facility.

  • James Grayson: Cartwright, the Drones are dismantling the conversion machinery. I've never seen anything like it.
  • Stephen Cartwright [Radio]: That's not your concern. Focus on destroy that gun.


Grayson open fire and destroy one of the Worker Drones.

James Grayson: [while attacking Worker Drones] Who dragged you off the scrap heap?

Three Patrol Drones appears and fire at Grayson while remaining Worker Drones escape. After clearing the Drones out, Grayson heads for the disconnected tube, two more Patrol Drones comes out and attack him. After Grayson destroys them, he enters the tubes and led to the another room where the two Patrol Drones and a Hybrids firing at Grayson. After Grayson kill a Hybrid and two Drones, another two Hybrids and another two Drones appears and open fire.

  • James Grayson: You guys again?

After clearing out the remaining Hybrids and the Drones, Grayson heads for the lift and flip the switch, but nothing happens.

  • James Grayson: Power's down.

Grayson heads back into the room where the Hybrids and the Drones was.

  • James Grayson: Where's the power source?

​Grayson walks up the ramp, grabs the edge, climbs up the mezzanine and enters the hallway as Boilers and Drones appears. After kills the Boilers and destroys the Drones, Grayson enters the power station, breaks the woode barrier down, flip the switch and all the powers back on. Grayson head back the way he came as more Boilers and two Hybrids. After kills off the Chimera, he return to the mezzanine. Four Hybrids appears from below and open fire. Grayson open fire and kills the Hybrids. He drops down, take out three more Boilers and two Patrol Drones as they appears. After eliminating the remaining Chimera, Grayson head back to the lift, flip the switch again and begin to ascend.

Industrial AreaEdit

Scene shows a tactical map of Rotterdam with 3 red marked "X".

  • Rachel Parker (narrating): While Cartwright and the Maquis forces had already launched assaults on three of the Gun Towers, [Picture of Grayson, face back, staring at a Gun Tower] Grayson would have to reach his objective via treacherous sewers, canals, and heavily fortified positions. Grayson had once made it clear he would never take military orders again, [Picture changes to the Gun Tower] but Cartwright knew if the mission were dangerous enough, he could be counted on to volunteer. [Picture of Grayson standing on the dock alongside the coast] I often thought that Grayson took these suicide missions because he had a death wish of his own, that his brother's death had been too much for him. I did not realize until much later, how wrong I was.

Coastal Defenses: Rotterdam, Netherlands
30 August, 1951

In my prime Chimera killing days I would have
steamrolled through Rotterdam without a trouble.
But now I'm bringing up the rear of our assault on
the Gun Towers...

They think I'm a broken man, that I've lost my edge.
They're wrong. My country's abandoned me twice...
first when they sentenced me to die, second when
they cast me out to fight for a bunch of foreigners...
but they haven't broken me yet.

--Pvt. James Grayson, Maquis Mercenary


The lift takes Grayson to his destined floor.

  • British Soldier 6 [Radio]: Major Cartwright, we have just destroyed the East tower. What's your status?
  • Stephen Cartwright [Radio]: Finishing with the South tower. Grayson, report. [Grayson ignores] Do you read? Damnit, what's taking you so long?
  • James Grayson: I've had some technical difficulties, but the target's in sight. Relax.
  • Stephen Cartwright [Radio]: I'll relax when the sky is safe!

Dropship flies past him


Grayson takes cover and three Hybrids open fire.

  • James Grayson: Fancy running into you guys.

Grayson kills three hybrids, head down the stairs, take out any remaining Boliers and Hybrids and climb up to the other sidepast the blockade as last Hybrid and three Patrol Drones appears and open fire.

  • James Grayson: Just shoot yourselves! Save me some time.

Grayson return fire and wipe out the last remaining Chimera. Once they all killed, Grayson reach the door and exits the warehouse.


Outside the warehouse, camera pan over to the water pipes supported by those pylon

  • James Grayson: Water intake valves located.
  • British Soldier 6 [Radio]: Place your charge on a pylon for maximum effect.

A Titan roars as it climbs over fence into the dockyard.


Two Boilers attacks Grayson

  • James Grayson: We meet again!

​After having kills two Boilers, Grayson run up the stairs where Titan's waiting for him as the colossal Chimera fire. Grayson return fire.

  • James Grayson: Come on, ya big ape!

After killing the first Titan. Another two Titan clims over fence into the dockyard.

  • James Grayson: Two of 'em?! What a bunch of bullies!

Two Titan attacks and fire on him. Grayson kill the the second Titan.

  • James Grayson: You bastards should fight fair.

After killing the third Titan, he heads for the intake valve and puts his charges onto the plyon and set it to detonate.


After destroying the intake valve.

  • James Grayson: Intake valve's destroyed. Heading for the tower.
  • Rachel Parker [Radio]: Second Squadron has reached the final marker. Changing course to south-southeast heading.

Grayson look down the beach where Colonel Mallery appears near the shore on the boat.

  • Roland Mallery: Private Grayson, get in the boat. We can reach the Gun Tower from the water. I will show you the way of the Maquis.
  • James Grayson: I don't know how I made it this long without you.

Gun TowerEdit

A picture of the Gun Towers are show along the coastline.

  • Rachel Parker (narrating): The speed with which the Chimera were completing fortifications surprised even the Maquis. [Another picture of more Gun Towers along the coast] Two weeks before, the Chimera guns that now towered over Rotterdam did not exist.

Scene changes to Grayson and Mallery eying at each other suspiciously.

  • Rachel Parker (narrating): Grayson and Maquis Colonel Roland Mallery would have to set aside their personal differences long enough to infiltrate and destroy the final Gun Tower.

Scene changes to a tactical map showing an red arrow representing the Second Squadron moving from Dover, England to Rotterdam, Netherlands centered by a red circle before shifting to a picture of the Second Squadron.

  • Rachel Parker (narrating): Failure to do so meant that the second wave of transports would be destroyed. The fate of myself and every soldier traveling in the second wave of transports, lay in the hands of James Grayson.

Coastal Defenses: Rotterdam, Netherlands
30 August, 1951

Mallery insisted on joining me for the assault on the
final Gun Tower. Of course he wants to help -- it was
his screw up that got Squadron One shot down in
the first place. If Maquis Intel had spotted these Gun
Towers, we'd all be safe in Luxembourg by now.

There's only one reason I joined Mallery's band of
resistance fighters: they put me back on the
battlefield where I can kill Chimera. Nothing else
matters to me anymore.

--Pvt. James Grayson, Maquis Mercenary


At the base of the Gun Tower, a spent artillery shell is launch out. Grayson and Mallery cautiously treks towards the base and hid behind the spent shell.

  • Roland Mallery: Listen, Tommy. I have just destroyed two Gun Towers. If you want to survive, just shut up and listen.
  • James Grayson: [mockingly salute Mallery] Aye, aye, Captain.
  • Roland Mallery: It's Colonel Mallery, Private.

Grayson stands up.

  • James Grayson: C'mon then! Lead, follow, or get out of the bloody way!

Grayson moves out in the open.


Grayson and Mallery engages some Leapers.

  • Roland Mallery: /Infected Mode/ What the hell is wrong with you? In the Maquis, if you are too sick to fight, we shoot you! Saves rations./Infected Mode/

After clearing the Leapers out, Drones appears.

  • Roland Mallery: Incoming!

Mallery destroys o'ne of the Drones'.

  • Roland Mallery: Got one!

After destroying the Drones.

  • Roland Mallery: Those mines are blocking our path. Clear them out.
  • James Grayson: While you stay safe back here?
  • Roland Mallery: Rank has its privileges.
  • James Grayson: It's not the first time we Brits bailed your ass out of the fire.

If Grayson is hit by the mines.

  • Roland Mallery: That's gonna leave a scar...

After clearing the mines.

  • James Grayson: Mines are clear!
  • Roland Mallery: We can get inside through here. Come help me up.

While lifting Mallery up and follow by Grayson.

  • James Grayson: You can't reach the opening? How tall are you?
  • Roland Mallery: Listen close. Timing is everything here. When the gun is reloading, that's when we move.

While entering the tube.

  • James Grayson: It's ready to fire! Take cover!

After the spent shell is fire, Two Drones then appear.

  • Roland Mallery: Drones!

After dispatching the two Drones.

  • James Grayson: It's reloading. Advance.

While coming up.

  • James Grayson: Another shell. Move!

After taking cover, the shell dispense, more Drones appears.

  • Roland Mallery: There!

After destroying the Drones.

  • James Grayson: Move up!

While coming up.

  • James Grayson: Get the hell out of the way!

After taking cover, and the shell dispense.

  • Roland Mallery: That was close.

More Drones appears.

  • James Grayson: Tin cans!

After destroying the Drones.

  • James Grayson: This is our window. Go!


Grayson and Mallery come up to an opening in the ceiling.

  • Roland Mallery: That way to the firing platform. Give me a boost.

Grayson gives Mallery a boost.

  • Roland Mallery: Keep it steady-- Now!

A artillery shell lines up, nearly covering the opening.

  • James Grayson: It's about to fire again. Come on!
  • Roland Mallery: You'll never make it! Jump out of the way!
  • James Grayson: Bollocks!

Grayson jumps to the left side before the shell is dispense. Inside the loading room, Grayson gets up.

  • James Grayson: Stupid midget.
  • Roland Mallery [Radio]: Grayson, you are in the loading room. Navigate the machinery and jump jets. Then meet me on the upper deck. And keep an eye out for Slipskulls.
  • James Grayson: All this shit because Maquis Intel didn't spot the Gun Towers?


Grayson engages the Slipskulls.

  • James Grayson: [to some Slipskulls] Three smart-arse monkeys.

After dispatching the Slipskulls and activating the fist console.

  • Roland Mallery [Radio]: Attention all Maquis forces. Follow emergency protocols, render aid, and garner weapons and supplies. Then report to command post.
  • Maquis Soldier 3 [Radio]: Affirmative!
  • Maquis Soldier 4 [Radio]: Right away!

Grayson engages and destroy all Drones and Slipskulls as he activing the last two console. He use the jump jet to reach the higher mezzanine and kill more remaining Chimera, Once their all dead, Grayson reach the door and exit


Scene outside of Rotterdam shows an explosion on the North Gun Tower.

  • Raine Bouchard [Radio]: North tower destroyed.

Grayson walks out onto a platform.

  • James Grayson: [to his radio] That was your doing, Bouchard? That's handy work... for a broad.


After fighting Hybrids and Drones, Grayson comes up to the lift platform with Mallery.

  • Roland Mallery: Gun deck is this way!

After Grayson climbs into the platform.

  • Roland Mallery: It takes two men to dismantle the gun! Don't get lost this time!
  • James Grayson: Don't ditch me this time.

More Drones appears.

  • Roland Mallery: There!

Grayson and Mallery destroy all Drones. The lift reach the higher platform and they got off.


The Gun Tower discharge the shot as Grayson and Mallery take cover behind the barrier.

  • James Grayson: Use your Auger on that shield. Try to short-circuit the panel, and when it's down, I'll destroy the power cells. Savvy?
  • Roland Mallery: (muttering) Stupid beefeater.


  • Roland Mallery: I see you staring at my rifle. But dream on, Private. I had my Auger custom made; suited for an Emperor.
  • James Grayson: Wasn't just your height reminded me of Napoleon.

When Mallery shoots the shield.

  • James Grayson: Short-circuit this shield.

After destroying the first power cells.

  • Roland Mallery: This way, Tommy.

When coming up to another power cell.

  • James Grayson: Fire.

After destroying the second power cells, Drones appears.

  • Roland Mallery: Drones!

After destroying the Drones.

  • James Grayson: Move up!

When coming up to another power cell.

  • James Grayson: Take this one down.

After destroying the third power cells, Hybrids appears.

  • Roland Mallery: Incoming!

After dispatching the Hybrids.

  • Roland Mallery: This way, Tommy.

Boilers appears. After dispatching them.

  • Roland Mallery: That was close.

When coming up to the last power cell.

  • James Grayson: Short-circuit this shield.


After destroying the last power cell, Dropship appears.

  • Roland Mallery: Merde! (French: "Shit!")
  • James Grayson: The bloody Dropship spotted us. Give me that bloody LAARK. I'll shoot the bastard from the sky and clear our route down.
  • Roland Mallery: [while giving the L206 LAARK to Grayson] Here!


  • Roland Mallery: Incoming!
  • James Grayson: Thanks for the tip.

When inflicting some damage to the Dropship.

  • James Grayson: It's circling around to your side!

When the Dropship circles around.

  • James Grayson: Find some new cover, Molly!

If Mallery's in trouble.

  • Roland Mallery: I could use some help here! The tower's going to collapse any minute!

Dropship approaches.

  • James Grayson: Dropship's coming your way!

If Dropship still in the air.

  • Roland Mallery: Shoot this fucker down!

/Infected Mode/

If taking some damage from the Dropship.

  • James Grayson: I'm infected. It's going to take more than that to kill me.

/Infected Mode/


After destroying the Dropship.

  • Roland Mallery: Hurry, Tommy! Keep up!

Grayson and Mallery rushes and jump down the platform and slides down to safety.

  • Roland Mallery: Just to be clear, Tommy. Bouchard insisted we recruit you, but I don't trust you. If you pull any shit in my army, it's off with your head.
  • James Grayson: Fuck you, Mallery.

Grayson and Mallery stares up at the power core which then it explodes.

  • Rachel Parker [Radio]: There's our opening! Change your heading. Proceed to the emergency rally point.

The camera pans over the skyline of Rotterdam, showing all of the disabled Gun Towers.

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