I found one of Mallery's men deep inside the Bonn facility. Name tag said Pvt. Marc LeClercq. Looked to have been a few years older than me, about the same age as my brother. How the bloody hell did he get down that far? His radio worked, so maybe he was following Bouchard's voice, same as me. Give him credit, at least he didn't turn tail and run like Mallery. I took his ID tags. If I make it to Luxembourg I'll try to find his unit, let'em know what happened to him. I remember the weeks after my brother was shot down over London... not knowing what happened to him was the worst, worse even than when I found him. At least then I knew. But this soldier, LeClercq... who's left alive to wonder about him?

--Journal Entry, 01 September, 1951 -- James Grayson

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