Thames is the tenth campaign level of Resistance: Fall of Man.

Having made it to London, British and American forces are about to lay siege to the city's Chimeran Tower as Nathan Hale must find a way to block Chimeran forces outside the city from intervening, and then find a way into the Tower.


As the British and American armies arrive in London to begin their assault, reports came in that Goliaths had been sighted advancing on the army from behind. Knowing that a spire attack could prove disastrous to the operation, Captain Parker ordered two groups of soldiers to destroy Tower Bridge and Southwark Bridge. Hale was assigned to the Tower Bridge squad and after a lengthy battle with Chimera forces, assisted in the Bridge's destruction. Undeterred, the Goliaths began to move towards Southwark Bridge, and Hale was ordered by Captain Parker to make for there and rendezvous with Lieutenant Cartwright, who was trying to destroy the bridge before the Goliaths reached it. Shortly after he set off, Hale learned from radio transmissions that a spire attack had wiped out Cartwright's squad, and now he was the only hope of stopping the Chimera's advance.

Cutting through the abandoned London Underground tunnels, Hale reached Southwark Bridge just as the Goliaths began to cross. Working quickly, Hale detonated the explosives on the bridge, destroying both it and most of the Goliaths save one. Moving on, Hale discovered Cartwright had survived; together, they fought their way through a Chimera outpost and commandeered a Stalker. The pair then used the Stalker to fight their way through to the Tower's base and destroy the Goliath, before entering the Tower itself.


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Burning BridgesEdit

Again the difficulty will spike during this mission. Begin by strafing west to a house, on the second level of which you will find LAARK supplies. Use the Auger's barrier to deflect the Stalker's shots, and then the Hailstorm's turret fire to destroy it. A second Stalker will enter the fray. Rinse and repeat this method, then sprint like hell back to the starting point. The house to your east will again have missile ammo for the LAARK.

A Widowmaker will spawn with the Stalkers destroyed. Use the Auger to block its shots, and the Hailstorm's auto fire to weaken it. While it's distracted, fire the missile launcher at it. On Superhuman mode, two of these spiders will appear, so exercise extreme caution.

Once the arachnids are dead, you will find extra supplies in the plaza's central area. Collect them and then head towards the far corner of the courtyard.

On the IceEdit

Giant SlayerEdit

Intel DocumentsEdit

  • Construction: Between two buildings in the gap.
  • Demolitions: In the deadend of the alley behind the stairs.
  • Loved Ones: On top of the snow pile near the burning Spire.

Skill PointsEdit

  • Le Parkour (4 points): Finish the battlefields and rooftops in the outskirts of London within five minutes.


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