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Terraformer 1

A Terraformer in the eye of a created storm.

A Terraformer is a Chimeran orbital weapon in creating strong weather patterns akin to a hurricane and design in drastically changing Earth's environment in order to make it hospitable for Chimeran existence. Terraformers are at least 10 kilometers in height as one is seen to tower out of the Earth's atmosphere.

Terraformers are also used to cleanse an entire area, in which it kills anything within miles whether underground and or otherwise. Terraformers appear to also serve in pacifying human resistance cells and settlements, as one served in completely obliterating Haven, Oklahoma. The Terraformers are part of the Chimera's intentions to completely cooling down the Earth and wiping out the remnants of humankind in the process, and apparently terraform the planet suitable for the Pure Chimera.

It is with irony that the Terraformers proved to be the downfall of the Chimeran occupation when one was used to crash into the New York tower by former Sentinel Joseph Capelli, destroying the wormhole to the Chimera's star system. After the Chimera's final defeat, it is unknown what happened to the other terraformers around the world, though they were likely destroyed by the resistance or possibly kept for research.



  • Part of the Terraformer that is in the Earth's atmosphere is roughly ten times larger than a Goliath.

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