Team Deathmatch or TDM, is perhaps the most common and basic multiplayer mode. It features two teams fighting to reach a kill limit in the quickest time. Team Deathmatches can have a minimum of 10 players and maximum of 60 players in ranked play in Resistance 2.

In Resistance: Burning Skies you have the option to choose between Team Deathmatch Large or Team Deathmatch Small. TDM Large is with 6-8 players in total and TDM Small is with only 4 players.

Resistance Multiplayer Game Modes
Resistance: Fall of Man Deathmatch | Team Deathmatch | Capture the Flag | Meltdown | Assault | Breach | Skirmish
Resistance 2 Deathmatch | Team Deathmatch | Core Control | Meltdown | Skirmish
Resistance: Retribution Deathmatch | Team Deathmatch | Containment | Capture the Flag | Assimilation
Resistance 3 Team Deathmatch | Chain Reaction | Deathmatch | Breach | Capture the Flag | War Games
Resistance: Burning Skies Deathmatch | Team Deathmatch | Survival

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