SRPA Tactical Ops
Covert Military Initiative Proposal

July 14th, 1948

In order to better serve the U.S. armed-forces in the likely event of an impending
deployment to war-torn Europe, we must reinforce our military ranks by creating a class of
super-soldiers called "Sentinels." Immediate research and implementation of the following
course of action will be essential to our victory.

The human form is weak and insufficient in the face of military conflict. That is why we are
investigating new ways to enhance the body's configuration in order to improve its
performance in the fields of hand-to-hand combat, shrapnel absorption, and especially
weapons aptitude. To do so, we propose the following multi-phased approach.

Appeal to our representatives on Capitol Hill to secure 20 million additional dollars for next
year's SRPA budget. This will facilitate the launch of Project Abraham, an all inclusive
bioengineering endeavor that culls volunteers from the military and subjects them to
medical experimentation. All participants will be forewarned that the procedure may alter
their genetic makeup on a sub-cellular level, but the pretense of these experiments will
hinge on the eradication of the European influenza - nobody must know the real
reason for Project Abraham is to create Sentinels.

Recruit the finest scientific mind from around the globe to move forward on the scope and
design of Project Abraham. These experts will be working with Fyodor Malikov, either
directly or indirectly. Dr. Malikov has years of experience with cases of mutation and
adaption, so his insights will guide us as we investigate our goals at further length.

Perhaps the most important step is this whole process will be enlisting potential candidates
to undergo the Sentinel transformation. We need resilient, capable soldiers with strong ties
to country and honor.

The final phase of our proposal involve the firearms training that the Sentinels must
endure. After all, we developing some state-of-the-art weaponry to help in the fight for
our national defense. Only true "super-soldiers" will be dexterous enough to handle such

If all goes according to plan, casualties of Project Abraham should not exceed 85%.

Though the mortality rate may seem high at first glance, this program will result in the
successful formation of dozens of Sentinels. Given the immense abilities of these
individuals, they will deliver results on the battlefield at a rate of one hundred times what
their human counterparts could accomplish. Therefore, we believe that the sacrifices of the
many will justify the creation of the few.

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