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Sym-Bac as it appears in Resistance 3

Sym-Bac is the name given by Dr. Ian Coxen and his team to the synthetic bacteria developed by the Chimera, which helps them to regenerate.


The Chimera possess amazing metabolic rates that enable them to heal from injuries very quickly; however, their healing abilities are further complimented by use of an artificial bacteria which amplifies their ability to regenerate significantly. The bacteria are suspended in a yellow liquid called the Sym-Bac serum, which is in turn found in small cylinders for storage. The bacteria are destroyed during the healing process, requiring further injections of the substance if more damage is sustained.

In Resistance: Retribution, it was confirmed that humans can also use Sym-Bacs to recover from injuries, as James Grayson, who remained human for the course of the game, was able to use them to restore his health, and in one cutscene, he is clearly shown giving a canister of Sym-Bac to a wounded Maquis soldier.

Sym-Bac returns in Resistance 3 and are used by Joseph Capelli to restore his health. It is usually carried on the belt by many military Chimera.

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