Survivors are humans who have survived the Chimera's onslaught on mankind throughout the world

Resistance: Fall of Man Edit

Survivors are never mentioned nor seen in the entire game. At the end of the struggle against the Chimera in England, the British Armed Forces were looking for survivors. At least 921 survivors were found hiding in bunkers and basements.

Resistance 2 Edit

Similarly to the previous title, survivors are never seen in the entire game. Although, corpses of some civilians can be found in various parts of the game. All remaining survivors in the United States resided in the safe zone known as the Liberty Defense Perimeter. This safe zone was later breached by the Chimera, causing severe causalities of survivors.

After this, the remaining survivors were mentioned to be in Baton Rouge, which was the capital of the U.S. state of Louisiana and later a Protection Camp. By 1953, it became the last stronghold for American forces after the Liberty Defense Perimeter (L.D.P.) was breached by the Chimera. It held at least 3 million surviving refugees and by August 9th, 1957, it had been destroyed as seen in R3. It is unknown if the residing survivors managed to evacuate safely.

Resistance 3 Edit

Unlike the other games, survivors are widely featured. The Chimera have crushed the military, leaving the survivors in the Unites States to fend for themselves.

Known Survivor Groups Edit

Most of the survivors live their lives while hiding from the Chimera. However, there are also survivor groups who actively engage in fights with the Chimera or other survivor groups.

  • The Havenites are the first survivor group found in the game. They resided in Haven, until they were forced to flee.
  • The Remnants are another group found in St. Louis. They fight the Chimera, but most of the members have been killed.
  • In Mount Pleasant, there is a community group residing in a town that has been plagued by a Chimeran creature known as "Satan". Most of their members have been killed or converted due to it. However, Satan has recently been eliminated, allowing the community to eventually retake the rest of the town and their mine.
  • The Wardens were a group of murderers that resided in the Graterford Prison. They attacked other humans to steal their resources and to use them for entertainment. The group was ultimately eliminated by the Chimera.

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