For the multiplayer mode with the same name, see Survival (multiplayer mode).

The Survival Mode or also known as "Horde Mode' is a new gameplay type that is included from the Brutality DLC Pack. The gameplay goal is to survive as long as you can, you play on the multiplayer map Seaside. The players can choose a loadout and even play with a friend against swarms of Grims, Leeches and Leapers.


The game begins with the default laodout; the Sledgehammer, as the rounds progress weapons will appear allowing the player to have a full aresenal of Resistance 3 weapons. Occasionally the rounds will state how the Grims have upgraded, either in numbers, attack, or health. Combos will help the player advance through each level by giving a "power-up", such as a 10 combo, which will restore health. The Grims spawn randomly each round depending on the player's location. In Co-op, the second player will play beside the first player, when a weapon spawns however, there will be two for each player in certian buildings. More weapons will also spawn to replinish ammo. Also while the rounds are being played you can listen to seven tracks from the band, Mastodon.


  • The game mode is very similar to Gears of War 3 horde mode.
  • If the player(s) finishes round 30, a message will appear congradulating the player(s) saying "Congradulations, you have survived to fight another day!" thus sending the player(s) back to the main menu.