Bracknell intel surrounded

Surrounded is the twenty-seventh Intel document in Resistance: Fall of Man. It is found in the section level "Into the Depths" in Bracknell.

Text Edit

15.3.51 - 0830
We were hunting down a group of Cloven when the Chimera ambushed us. Sgt. Drake and I got separated from the squad. We finally found them - or at least what left. As we buried the remains, we could hear the Cloven all around us - laughing. I wanted to go after them, but there are only two of us and at least a dozen of them.
17.3.51 - 1600
The Cloven have been following us all day - just out of rifle range. They're toying with us.
18.3.51 - 1840
Drake didn't come back from gathering water. He had the only compass.
18.3.51 - 2120
I hear the Cloven all around. Strange sounds no human should make. They're getting louder.

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