My entire life I've felt different than others, but I am now quite literally different... stronger, vibrant, more fearless than ever. So much that I've had no need for medical aid. But I found a strange med-kit with MDC labeling, along with a small but recognisable logo -- SRPA. A faint voice tugged at me from inside, insisting I take the med-kit. I must be losing any form of free-will because that's exactly what I did. The medicine gave me an invigorating jolt of adrenaline that would have killed a normal man. When that rush tapered off, I felt cold -- a freezing cold that somehow felt warm. Did it make me sick? If so, I never want to be healthy again. This must have been another one of Claude Bouchard's experiments -- one of his bastardisations of nature. My fear now is I might be one of those experiments. If so, does that make me super human, or sub-human like the Chimera?

-- Journal Entry, 03 September, 1951 -- James Grayson

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