"Stranger than Fission" is an extra cutscene unlocked after completing Resistance: Fall of Man. It takes place within the London Tower when Nathan Hale reached to the tower's central nuclear reactor and contacts Rachel Parker on finding the reactor.


Hale: "I think I find the power supply here, but it's just a bunch of glowing rods and cables."
Parker: "It must be some sort of a reactor. Can you tell me if it uses isotope fission for its energy yield?"
(cinematic music literally scratches to a stop)
Hale: (incredulous) "Are you kidding me?"
Parker: "I just meant that if it is a nuclear reactor, it can be overheated."
Hale: "Uh...okay?"
Parker: "You'll figure it out, and then...get out fast okay?"


  • This scene was originally to be used in the game but was replaced by a soundless version. In this canonical version of the reactor scene, Hale can be seen using his radio even though he is not talking, as the sound is simply cut off.

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