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Staten Island is the first chapter of Resistance: Burning Skies.


Tom Riley, Larson and Smitty arrive at the power station in Staten Island which caught on fire and been overrun by the unsuspected Chimera. A group of Longlegs attack and kill Larson, only Riley and Smitty escape before the power station gets destroyed. Chimeran forces arrive to attack the cvilians and to invade the United States. Smitty sends Riley out to fight his way through the city. Tom Riley assited the militia group of the Minutemen, led by Ellie Martinez to repel Chimeran forces while the citizens (including Natalie and Rachel) are trying to evacuate the city through the tunnel before the Spire attacks and releases Crawlers. Riley and Martinez escape with the Minutemen.


Engine 174Edit

Watch the cutscenes.

Power StationEdit

You're playing as Tom Riley, a firefighter. To break down the broken door ahead of you, press the the R Button to swing your Fire Axe.

Loading DockEdit

After the cutscenes, you must protect the civilians and kill 6 hybrids with your Bullseye. Turn left and there's the fleeing guy from the building to the left. Kill two Hybrids that are shooting at him. Turn left again, go upstairs into the building, go right and use the touchscreen to tap the Fire Axe icon to kill a hybrid.

Sewer EntranceEdit

Turn right, down the hallway, turn left as you exit the train hangar. Kill the Leaper swarm with your Mule, where they killed the helpless woman and go to the sewers. More leapers are coming to attack and bite you. Kill them with the same weapon.


After the cutscenes, go through the courthouse and follow Ellie to a downed dropship. Kill four Hybrids, turn left and kill another hybrid. Now climb up the ladder, take cover on the right and use your grenade or Carbine's secondary fire to take out three hybrids. Once they're all dead, go to the wrecked dropship and exterminate several Leapers with your Mule or the same weapon.

Traffic JamEdit

After the cutscene, destroy 5 patrol drones with your Carbine's primary fire and kill several Longlegs with either the same weapon or the Bullseye.

Intel LocationsEdit

  • Unusual Fluctuations: It is found on a control panel behind on the left side of the Chimeran ship.
  • European News Blackout: After the melee tutorial, it is in the room where a woman is screaming for help.
  • See ya soon, Kid: It is found on the bottom floor of the building where you first picked up the grenades.
  • Know Where To Go If They Go Without You: After recieving the Mule, the intel is found behind a red car.
  • Condolences: After meeting Ellie and the Minutemen, it is found in a room with the last door in the wall that is not closed.
  • Shipping Manifest: It is seen during the cutscene with Ellie and recieving the first piece of Grey Tech. After the cutscene, it is lying next to a soldier and his carbine.
  • Intelligence Advisory: It is found behind an overturn truck in a larger area after defeating the Executioner.

Gray Tech LocationsEdit

  • Ellie will take take a piece of Grey Tech out a truck during a cutscene at the end of the chapter (unmissable).
  • After defeating the Executioner you'll have to run to make it to the tunnel. At a certain point you'll enter a bigger area with trucks and the entrance to the tunnel is at the right side of the area. Instead of going to the entrance of the tunnel, look straight ahead. There'll be a truck that is on his side and the roof is facing you. Look behind the truck on the ground. There's a piece of Grey Tech next to it.


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