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Staten Island is one of five boroughs of New York City in the east coast of United States which is located in the southwest part of the city, separated from New Jersey and the rest of New York by New York Bay.

Resistance: Burning SkiesEdit

On August 14th, 1951, Chimera launch an attack on United States and invaded Staten Island and other part of the city. Local fireman Tom Riley and the other two firemen, Larson and Smitty arrives at the power station. Larson was killed by Longlegs, Riley and Smitty escapes from the burning plant. Tom Riley joins the militia group of resistance fighter called the "Minutemen", led by Ellie Martinez to protect the civilians, including Natalie and Rachel while they trying to evacuated the city via the Howard Tunnel.

After the evacuation defended, a volley of Spire Missiles land on the island and releasing payload of Crawlers as the Martinez, Riley and the Minutemen escapes.

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