Specter Team was a special forces team that is specially tasked in recovering Gray Tech and other alien artifacts. Specter Team is the main playable team in the Cooperative Campaign of Resistance 2. They can be made up in a team as little as two people or as large as eight, and include classes such as Soldiers, Medics, and Special Ops.



The origins of Specter Team was proposed by Major Richard Blake of SRPA to President Harvey McCullen of tasking the team to infiltrate Chimeran territories and retrieving advanced, alien artifacts known as Gray Tech, after which the team first discover one of these objects in Chicago.[1] The team's objectives and the Gray Tech they recovered are only known to members of SRPA with high security clearance.[2]


Specter Team

Specter Team during Operation Wrath of God.

Specter's first known operation was in Chimeran-controlled Europe in 1951, tasked in espionage, and investigation of Chimeran related operations, such as Gray Tech or other ancient alien artifacts. Then from 1951 to 1953, Specter had been recalled to America to infiltrate American territories that had fallen to the Chimera, while trying to halt the enemy's advance into the Liberty Defense Perimeter and as well as retrieving Gray Tech components found within Gray Territory. The team was also requested by Colonel Rachel Parker in containing and preventing Chimeran forces from re-invading Britain.

Following the invasion of America by the Chimeran fleet on May 15th, 1953, Specter Team's task in recovering the Gray Tech components became a higher priority, as the Gray Tech acquired from Bryce Canyon, Utah by Specter reveals supporting evidences of the doomsday weapon, the Prometheus Weapon, which led to a frightening conclusion that the Chimera, led by Daedalus, are attempting to construct the said weapon.[3]

The team's priorities were later put to the task in stopping Daedalus and the Chimera from constructing the Prometheus Weapon in Hólar, Iceland during Operation: Wrath of God. The operation became a total success in June 21st, causing all Chimeran forces in Iceland to fall into total disarray and forcing Daedalus to abandon his pursuit of the Prometheus Weapon and retreating to the Chicxulub Crater. Specter Team's efforts were proudly recognized by General Douglas MacArthur, who announced that he will award each member of the team the Silver Star for their bravery and selflessness in defense of their country.[4]

Known Operations

  • Operation Shadow Strike (April 19 - 22, 1952) - Chicago, Illinois - Containing and eliminating much of the Chimeran forces in Chicago, and preventing a possible assault on the Liberty Defense Perimeter.
  • Operation Allied Shield (December 7 - 12, 1952) - Axbridge, England - Contained and devastated all incoming Chimeran forces from attacking Axbridge, and seemingly backfired the Chimera's strategy of diverting British forces, leaving the European continental Chimeran towers poorly defended.
  • Operation Crucible (May 24 - June 9, 1953) - Bryce Canyon, Utah - Contained Chimeran forces and wiped out their command structure in Bryce Canyon. Also significantly destroying the canyon's Chimeran reactors, allowing the shut down and destabilization of four neighboring Chimeran towers.

Known Personnel

  • Lieutenant David LaSalle - Provided intelligence and photographs of Chimeran facilities, weapons, creatures and technologies.
  • Corporal Marshall Webb - Recovered a Chimeran sniper rifle in Kirkwall, Scotland which was revealed to be the prototype weapon for the Marksman.

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  • There is some confusion over the fact of whether this team is called Specter or Spectre seeing as the mission reports states SPECTER but the subtitles in the game and James Grayson's diaries in Resistance: Retribution reads SPECTRE. This is simply a language barrier, American English spells Specter, whilst British English spells as Spectre (Grayson is British, hence why he spelt it differently).
  • Also, Maj. Blake sent a letter to President McCullen requesting for a new special forces detatchment called Specter Team to be formed in April of 1952. However, Lt. LeSalle provided intel to SRPA in December of 1951 and he was part of Specter Team, although they wouldn't have even existed at that time.


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