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The South-Commando

Southern Command was based in Bristol, England. On July, 13th 1951 at 2:24 PM, about 11 hours after Northern Command was destroyed, the base was attacked by the Chimera. Only half of remaining British Army personnel were killed.

Southern Command was the last Command post to be destroyed in Britain.


Southern Command

Southern Command's location on the map

  • On's forum, Southern Command is the General Discussion zone where the description is: "Take a well-earned rest from war and discuss the board, music, movies, life and whatever else!". The zone is modeled after the main function (R&R) of what Southern Command was originally used for in the game.
  • On the map (left) depicting Southern Command, you can clearly see the name of Somerset village Long Ashton just south of the base, as well as seeing the Bristol suburb of Clifton to the right. This makes Southern Command 3,500 metres east of Bristol in Snake's Well wood.

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