Somerset is the sixth level of Resistance: Fall of Man.


In the final moments of the British military's evacuation from Northern Command, Hale - having learned the true nature of the secret weapon - releases the Angel from its confines and confronts it. The Chimeran monster tries to take control of Hale's mind, but Hale resists the attack and after a short battle, kills the Angel. Once it is dead, Hale joins the British in their retreat.

At the same time, word comes in that Lieutenant Cartwright has tracked the Chimera responsible for the attack to Cheddar Gorge, but radio contact with him and his squad had been lost. Hale volunteered to go after them and was dropped into a village of Cheddar in Somerset. He managed to locate Cartwright, caught in a Chimeran ambush, and rescue him. Though suspicious of Hale due to his infection, Cartwright joins forces with Hale. Using a LU-P LYNX, the pair make their way through the Chimeran defences deep into the gorge until they come to the outskirts of a Chimera weapons manufacturing facility.

Hale and Cartwright split up in order to get through the base easier; wending their way through factory buildings and killing any Chimera in their path, the pair rendezvous deeper into the facility where they make a terrifying discovery; a strange tower-like structure rising from the depths of Cheddar Gorge; one that has not been built, but excavated, a revelation that changes everything regarding current knowledge on the Chimera. Armed with this knowledge, Hale and Cartwright make their way back out of the facility, desperate to reach Southern Command and alert the military to their discovery.


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Search and RescueEdit

As the level begins, heads down the path towards the road and you'll find a XR-005 Hailstorm from the dead body of Black Ops. After you received it; turn left on the road and follow the Chimera that they passed you. Use your XR-005 Hailstorm's Auto-Turret to kill Howler, 9 Hybrids and a Steelhead that they attack you. Once they're dead, turn right down the road, then turn left where you see the stairs. go up and then turn right up the stairs. Now you reach the other side of the road block, select your any weapons,and start kill 19 hybrids and 4 Slipskill. Once you've killed them, head inside the building and meet up with Cartwright.

Common GroundEdit

This level places you behind the controls of a jeep.  Cruise down the road and smash your way through the first fence.  Follow the road until a field opens up on your left.  Cut through this field and make your way past the line of trees ahead of you.  You are now in a large open area with two metallic structures in the background.  Drive towards the first chimeran base on your right.  Okay I am not one to brag or blow my own horn but when I came up with the strategy for dealing with the large number of chimera in the bases I had to stop and smirk.  Okay enough shameless backpatting and back to the guide. Okay here is the strat,  gun the engine and make your way towards the first base on the right.  After you smash through the first fence mash triange to exit the vehicle.  Before you jump out try to aim the vehicle so it stops in front of the base and a little ways back.  The reason for this is as follows, your buddy in the gunner position will not exit the jeep,  he will fire at enemies and can kill them quickly and accurately when stationary, and last but not least he is invulnrable.  Now you get it, deploy your jeep like a turret that is indestructible and with infinite ammo.  Just sit back out of range until your pal has sufficiently cleared out the enemies.  Move forward into the base and there will be two ramps.  One ramp on either wall move about halfway up one of these and look up at the ceiling.  Next throw a nade so it bounces off the roof and lands onto the next floor.  This should take care of the baddies up there.  Now head on up to the second floor and toggle the gate switch. Get back in your jeep and repeat the jeep launch strat at the next base just to the left of this one.  After both gate switches have been activated get back into your jeep and drive through the now open gate located in between the two bases.  After passing through the gate make your way towards the large grey stone in front of you.  Ramp off of it and into the canyon below.  As you drive through this area a large swarm of leapers shows up.  Ignore them and continue on.  After exiting the canyon you will be in another large open area with two more bases.  Stick to the left of the open area to make find your way up to these new bases.  Repeat the jeep strat on the bases, remember to toggle the switch in each base.  Once they have both been switched pass through a second gate located to just past the base on the right.  After passing through the gate a Chimeran drop ship arrives and deploys a box of troops.  Quickly drive past them and continue up Cheddar Gorge.  After a bit the road dead ends and there will be a ramp on the left leading up.  Take this left path and follow it as it winds up the gorge.  You will come to a fence and behind the fence is an open area with three turret stations in it.  Smash through the fence and drive past the stations, ignoring the hybrid inside.  Again follow a ramping path on your left, drive past another turret station, and smash through another fence.  Past the fence are the final two chimeran gate control bases.  Utilize the jeep strat again for both of them being sure to flip the switches in the bases to unlock the last gate.  While waiting for your buddy to do some thining out at the first base be sure to watch your back.  Sometimes the Hybrid you ignored along the way will catch up to you.  After the switches have been toggled drive through the gate that is located just past the second base. Now the path will be leading downward.  Follow it down until it deadends. There should be another chimeran fence on your right.  Drive through this last fence to end the level.

A Disturbing DiscoveryEdit

After you and your comrade split up you start next to a locked fence.  Toggle the switch to the right of the gate and head through.  In the distance are two hybrid.  Fareye them and move toward the large chimeran structure.  Once you get close enough the gate will open and some Menials will come out.  Beat them down and fareye two more hybrid located on an upper ledge in the back of the structure.  Once they are down proceed inside.  Bash all the Menials in here and find the locked door located opposite the main entrance.  Toggle the lock to the left of the door and head through.  As you move through you will pick up the sapper.  File it away under "S" for sucks and continue. After dealing with the Menials out here follow the path on the left that leads between some fences on either side.  It will cut to the right and end before another Chimeran structure.  When you get close the door will open and a hybrid and steelhead will charge you.  Fareye the steelhead and bullseye the hybrid before venturing inside.  This structure is devoid of enemies other than a three menials but full of Lancer Mines. Stick to the left wall and make your way to the back lefthand corner to find the locked door.  Unlock it and head outside.  Equip the sapper for only the first of two times in the entire game that its useful and deploy a mine trap.  Now move cautiously forward along the path until a gray jack leaps out from behind a container on your left. Backpeddle and lure him into your mines.  Make another trap and repeat this for another Gray Jack that will attack you as you head further in.  After they are gone switch to the fareye and bash the menials as you move along.  The path ends at a large wooden bridge.  Stay on your side and snipe the group of hybrid as they attempt to cross the bridge.  Once they are down cross the bridge and take cover behind the chimeran barricade.  You will meet up with your pal here. From the safety of your cover snipe the steelhead and hybrid on the hill ahead of you.  Just below the hill is a Chimeran fence.  On the other side are several hybrid.  Take out your auger and punish them safely from the other side of the fence.  After they are dead head up the hill to cue a cutscene.  Once the scene wraps up make your way back down the hill and back towards the bridge you crossed.  However, instead of taking the bridge there is a downward sloping path to the left of the bridge.  Take this path and follow it down.  You will come to an open area filled with Chimeran Storage containers.  There are some hybrid and several menials amongst the containers.  Stay back and move around until you have angles on the hybrids.  M5 snipe them and bash the Menials before heading through the area.  Past the containers is an opening in the fence head through it and take a left.  Switch to your shotgun and blast the leaper swarm that will soon be showing up.  In the middle of the swarm two Gray jacks will charge you.  Let them get close and then let them have it with the shotgun. Proceed onward until the path winds around the fence on your right.  The path ahead of you is littered with barriers and storage containers.  Move slowly forward until you can see two mine deployers on your right.  Move quickly toward them and duck behind the barrier just infront of them.  This allows you to avoid the hedgehog mines that spring up.  Keep going until you can see some more mines.  At this point several hybrid will attack.  M5 them and then set off the mines and seek cover.  The path ends with a small ramp leading into another structure.  Head inside and have your Bullseye ready.  After entering quickly head to the far end and kill a hybrid.  Now tag and bag several slipskulls.  Now move to the big wall behind where you killed the Hybrid. On the left you should see a toggle switch.  Flip it and head outside.  After the door is opened several hybrid and a steelskull will charge down toward you. If you have any nades left use one and then m5 the remainder.  Once they are all down head up the way they came.  Make your way towards your jeep and the level will end.

Intel DocumentsEdit

Skill PointsEdit

  • Next Speed Trap, 50 Miles (3 points): Successfully complete the Somerset level in within 7 minutes 45 seconds.
  • I Can See My House From Here! (2 points): Jump at least 50m in the LU-P Lynx in Cheddar Gorge.
  • Misplaced Aggression (2 points): Blow up all cars in the town section.
  • They Came From Behind (3 points): Run over 3 Hybrids while driving in reverse.
  • I Believe This Is Yours (3 points): Use only Chimeran weapons to kill enemies.


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  • A fourth level in Somerset was cut from the game due to time restraints. It was a rail-shooter where Nathan Hale controlled the gun on top of the LU-P LYNX as Stephen Cartwright drove the two back through Cheddar Gorge. [1]

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