Snake eyes

Snake Eyes is a Resistance 2 co-op and multiplayer berserk. In co-op, it is only available for the Spec-Ops class. In multiplayer, it is only available for the Chimeran side. The Snake Eyes berserk unlocks the Pulse Cannon as the primary weapon. It allows one primary and one secondary shot of the Pulse Cannon and, similar to the LAARK, is very useful at killing multiple targets. It is considered cheap, alongside its counterpart the LAARK.

In co-op it is available at level 12, while in multiplayer it is available at level 15.


Resistance 2362

The Pulse Cannon,the reward of the berserk Snake eyes.

Although in the berserk description in the Competitive Mode is mentioned that the user will only have one charge of it for use, it has two; one of the secondary fire and one of the primary fire. However, the player only has one shot in Cooperative Mode. The concussion shell on the Pulse cannon is the only one-hit kill weapon that is incapable of killing its user if aimed at the ground or close object..

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