One thing Russians and Brits have in common is both our food's for shit. But this stew... I'll take a pot of haggis over it any day. A crypt area's been converted into a 'kitchen' where the Cloven prepared meals. I suspected Cloven stew might be 'human' stew... this confirms it. All throughout the Cloven stronghold are sacks like this one, hanging from the ceiling, where the heat rises. What's inside? Human bodies, curing like hams in a smokehouse? Where do the Cloven get the bodies? The closest human encampment is the Maquis safe zone in Reims, which is heavily guarded night and day. Yet the Cloven larders seem well stocked. Something's drawn them here, to the catacombs beneath Paris. When I discover what that 'something' is, I'll have the answer.

-- Journal Entry, 06 September, 1951 -- James Grayson

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