Shipment Number: 78954

Date of shipment: August 13, 1951

Requisition Number: 790654-A

Consignee: Captain Samuel Cooper, U.S. Army

Origin of shipment: The Naval Ordnance Labratory,
Washington, D.C.

Delivery address: Ellis Island, New York

Means of transport: Truck/Barge

Agent/responsible party: Richard Gorrell

Detailed list of contents:
Electronic components (14) Various
Labware (2) Sets of bio labware
Lathe (1) Diamond Royal Lathe
Scientific instruments (3) Large universal microscopes
with inclined monocular and OPAK vertical illuminators
Shock batons (12) 800,000 volt shock batons
Artifacts of unknown origin (3)

Special instructions: Handle Artifacts (3) with extreme
caution, do not remove from crates without the
supervision of specially trained personnel, do not leave

Remarks: This shipment is classified as High Priority.

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