DATE: July 10, 1951
MEMO: To all personnal
FROM: Captain Samuel Cooper
RE: Shipment CT-076

As you know based on the briefing from Mr. Gorrell on
July 22nd the freighter Maui will arrive in New York
harbor at 1800 hours tomorrow carrying a
disassembled drop.

Immediately thereafter a load of twenty-three
containers will be transferred to a barge and towed to
Ellis Island where out personnel will be waiting to
unload it.

For security reasons the shape of these crates may or
may not reflect what is stored within. That means
some of them will be heavier than you might expect--so
exercise extreme caution caution while unloading them. It is
imperative that none of the dropship's component parts
be damaged during the transfer.

Once all of the containers have been transferred to
Building 4 a full security sweep will be carried out
before they are opened. At that point the scientific
team will take over. Questions, if any, can be directed
to me.

This is a very important project and I kown each and every one
of you will do his or her best to bring it to a successful

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