This entire area -- the Maquis call it the 'Chimera Construction Zone' -- was carved right out of the German countryside. How many villages were buried by their Earth Movers? I found part of a building foundation that has Cloven markings on it - I don't see the remains of many human structures down here...the Chimera Drones demolish everything in their path. It's hard to tell when the Cloven lived here. According to Raine, the Cloven moved into abandoned towns days after humans fled, only to be forced out - in turn -- by the Chimera. I've asked her about the Cloven - I know that she and her father have studied them as well as the Chimera - but she claims to know little. Near the building foundation I found a small map of Paris, stained and torn, difficult to read, but red markings seem to indicate an underground passage. It might explain how they are getting in and out of the city.

-- Journal Entry, 02 September, 1951 -- James Grayson

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