A dead Tommy was still strapped into the rear seat of the jeep. I recognised him as another prisoner at the Worm. 'Screaming' Roger Cosby, was parked two cells down from me, and was always yammering for someone to silence the bells in his head. Cartwright must have known Operation Overstrike was a suicide mission, and that's why he had no problem emptying death row for extra hands. The men there were condemned to die anyway, but out here they had one last chance to die with honour. Roger's stiff hands clutched something in a death grip --a device the size and shape of field binoculars, only this had a detachable film cartridge, like it was a fancy box camera. But this camera wasn't civilian, MI-6 or even Chimera technology. The markings were SRPA. I guess I wasn't the only one LaSalle recruited to spy on the Maquis or scavenge Chimera tech. Bloody Yanks always have more than one iron in the fire, eh? I posed for a picture with Screaming Roger, and then sent the film to LaSalle.

-- Journal Entry, 02 September, 1951 -- James Grayson

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