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Scars Run Deep is the third campaign level of Resistance: Retribution.


Grayson and Raine Bouchard arrive in a Hammer at the rendevous point where Mallery was waiting. Then the Chimeran Coversion facility is blown up from the inside and Grayson and Mallery have an argument. Mallery punches Grayson with his weapon and after that Grayson wakes up and discovers that Raine and Mallery have left without him. Grayson decides to use the Hammer to go through the Construction Zone.


1st Mech RideEdit

This is the first time in the game that you ride the Hammer. The Hammer is a very effective machine that can quickly kill enemies. Don't try to rush through the level with the Hammer, but take your time. The first enemy you will encounter is the Hybrid. Hybrids are easy to kill with the hammer. Then you will encounter some Drones. These Drones are sometimes difficult to destroy as they move quickly. Then there will be a small bridge with Hybrids standing on it. Don't shoot the Hybrids but shoot that white small machine hanging in front of that bridge. Destroy it and the bridge will explode and all the Hybrids will die. Then after that you will arrive at a closed gate, there will be some enemies there. Kill them and then after a small cutscene you will have to destroy a power station. To destroy that power station you will have to shoot at that glowing thing in the center of that power station, but be careful as there will be a lot of enemies attacking you. Don't stand still when there are many enemies in front of you, always try to be quick and move fast so there is a smaller chance they will hit you. Try to use the machine gun for the smaller targets like Hybrids and Drones, and the rockets for the larger targets like Titans and Hammers. When the power station is destroyed move to that gate and it will open. There will be three Titans there. Try to kill them with your rockets. After killing these Titans there will be another bridge you'll have to destroy. Do the same thing as with the previous bridge. After destroying that bridge there will be five Titans. Try to move quickly and use the rockets. You will then arrive at another gate. This time it will open but you'll have to destroy some Drones first. Then you will see another power station guarded by three Titans. Kill them and then destrouy the power station. Be careful as there will be more reinforcements comming. After you destroyed that power station a gate will open. And after killing some enemies you will arrive at a big open area. You will have to destroy two Hammers. When fighting these Hammers, try to shoot their weak spots and focus on one target at a time. When you have destroyed these two Hammers the mech ride will be over.

Built TrenchesEdit

Construction Zone Edit

Intel Document LocationsEdit


  • Boot Laces and Bubblegum: In the second area reaching to the lava transport. Shoot a Worker Drone (that is not shooting) using the Auger-WS. This will cause the drone to operate a switch, allowing to reach the intel from the metal beam.
  • Up Is Down, Down Is Up: In the last area where the player have to fight two Titans. As soon as the player enter, run ahead and to the left is a tunnel, where deep inside is the intel.

Secrets of the MaquisEdit

  • Tricon Rail Line: Early in the level, you should be in a canyon area where some Hybrids attack. On your left should be a digging machine, scraping away at the ground. Above it is a white explosive device. Shoot it to stop the machine. On the wall now to your left is a piece of scrap that you can lift. Underneath it, you will find the intel.
  • UED Field Report: You'll come to an area where a lava river separates you from a bunch of Hybrids. They'll shoot at you from their side. Defeat them, then turn around and search in the corner for a red and white object. It happens to be a pigeon. Search right near it for the intel.

Cloven LoreEdit

  • Leben Geist: On a high up ledge, you'll reach a turret. Use this turret to gun down Hybrids and a Titan around the outpost. When they're dead, get down there and go left around the entire outpost to find a jeep on the other side. Near a body, you should find the intel.
  • Secrets and Passageways: After riding the platforms, you'll deal with some Drones and then eventually reach another outpost. Fend off the enemies. You can go around this outpost like the one earlier. Behind is a digging machine and a patch of lava. With more than half health, you can run across and grab the intel. With full health, you might be able to grab it and make it back. You won't lose the intel if you die.
  • The Flesh Eaters: Enter the large canyon where the Drones will fly away and two Titans close in on you. Defeat them, then move forward. In the top left corner is a fenced off area with some digging machine working. Shoot the explosive white orb device inside and that stops the device. Now walk around to the right to enter this area and find the intel lying on the ground.


  • Screaming Roger Cosby: You'll have to eventually man a turret near a Chimera outpost. The enemies guarding the outpost are mostly Hybrids and a Titan. Defeat them, then head down there. Go around the left side of the outpost to the back. You'll find a jeep on its side, plus the intel. It's the same location as the Leben Geist Cloven Lore intel.
  • Buried Secrets: In the canyon where you fight the two Titans, look for the tunnel to your left. Enter. Just past the location of the Up is Down, Down is Up intel, you'll hit some green gas. Pass through it and on the other side you'll find the intel.


See Scars Run Deep/Transcript

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