Property of Dr. Feyodor Malikov

Station: Cocodrie, Louisiana Field Hospital

Date: June 20, 1953

My recent observation of Nathan Hale confirms my theory about the peculiar nature of
his relationship with Daedalus. There is a form of invisible tether between them -
some bond that came into the pure Chimeran DNA they share. Although Hale remains
unconscious, he is having nightmares in which he occasionally speaks aloud. I believe
that Daedalus is communicating with him, but for what purpose I do not know.
However, I am certain that it would be disastrous to allow the two of them to meet
again. While the tether exists between them there is a balance in their power of the
pair will transfer in whole to the survivor. Regardless of which one survived such a
battle, the result would be devastating to humanity.

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