Property of Dr. Richard P. Feynman

Station: SRPA 11

Date: June 11, 1953

Dr. Fyodor Malikov paid a visit to our lab this morning to review our gray tech research.
He's a very strange and eccentric man. I grew to like him almost immediately. He was
particularly curious about my theories of quantum electrodynamics and how they
related to the components we are studying. He thinks the Chimera are using the
energy web from the tower network to create what he referred to as a "distortion
bubble" in time and space. Theoretically, given sufficient power, this bubble would
allow even vary large objects to be transported over arbitrary distances in space.
Fyodor believes the Chimera were once at war with another race on Earth and that this
other race were the ones that created the gray tech. He thinks our research into the
gray tech might offer a clue to stopping the Chimera.

Unfortunately, Fyodor had to leave rather abruptly. Apparently he has a patient - one
of the Sentinels I think he said - who is in a precarious medical state. But after he left I
kept thinking about his theory. If we assume that the Chimera built the towers millions
of years ago, and if we assume that the towers allowed them to create a bubble in
which they could move vast objects. Then could it have been the earth itself that they
were moving? Could the entire planet have been a sort of interstellar battle station in a
larger war? And if there was in fact another race, is it possible they once created the
Prometheus Weapon? After all, Fyodor did seem to think there was some connection
between the Chicxulub crater and the destruction of the original Chimera on Earth. I
suppose these are all merely wild theories and suppositions. But I have to admit that
for a couple of hours there he really had me believing in all of it.

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