Property of Dr. Fyodor Malikov

Station: SRPA Station Genesis

Date: May 27, 1953

During the initial Chimeran assault on Station Genesis three weeks ago, we witnessed
what appeared to be a newly evolved Chimeran species. I have dubbed the species
"neuroptera spiculus," but it is now more commonly referred to as "the swarm". SRPA
salvage teams retrieved several dead specimens of the creature from Station Genesis.
From what I can ascertain, it is highly evolved from the species known as
"crawlers" that were used to infect most of Europe and Asia. This new species
however, is able to digest metals that then become infused into its exoskeleton. The
bodies we recovered were approximately 80 percent titanium-silver alloy by weight.
This accounts for their resiliency against our weapons. It does, however, also leads to a
significant weakness - they are highly electrically conductive. Should this species
become more prevalent on the continent, it will be imperative that we invest in hand-
held electrical weaponry as destructive measure.

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