Subject: Echo Team Loses Leader During Operation in New York


In recent weeks Sentinel teams have incurred increasing casualties as they attempt to
strike targets within gray territory. Two weeks ago SRPA lost all of Alpha Team when
they attempted to infiltrate an enemy command outpost in Bend, Oregon. Earlier this
week, two Sentinels on Charlie Team were killed while eliminating a conversion center
inside occupied New York City. And yesterday Echo Team's leader, Lt. Hank Leavitt,
was killed while attempting to destroy a Stalker production facility in Raleigh, North
Carolina. Lt. Nathan Hale has taken his place as leader of Echo Team.

Further compounding these difficulties, many of the Sentinels are requiring more
advanced forms of inhibitor treatments to keep the Chimeran virus in their bodies in
check. Dr. Malikov has warned that conversion is inevitable once infection has taken
place - his inhibitor merely serve to slow down the process, or at best to alter its final
effects. Dr. Malikov continues to develop new stages of inhibitor serums in order to
extend the lives of our Sentinels, but it appears that he can not keep pace with the
virus indefinitely.

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