Subject: Chimeran Attacks Increasing Along Coasts


In the past months spire attacks have increased along both coasts. Large sections
of all coastal states are now gray zones, and the Chimera continue to build
infrastructure at these locations. The Chimeran strategy has been to target the least
defended high populations areas along the border of the country, establish
infrastructure and command units inside that area, then leaping to the nearest area of
high density civilian population. It also appears they now have an understanding of
U.S. military defense strategy and defense weaknesses that they had not previously
exhibited. SRPA intelligence believe that these new tactics are a direct result of the
Chimera coming under full command and control of Daedalus. They believe it is
essential that we approach our defensive strategy with the knowledge that we are
fighting against a general who understands and can exploit any weakness we have.
Locating and assaulting Daedalus remains the top priority of all Sentinel teams.

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