Subject: Chimera Command Structure Evolving


The Chimeran command structure has become far more organized and hierarchical in
the past months. They are now capable of opening independently of Angels. The
more powerful Chimera, known as Primarchs, appear to be in control of up to 30 or 40
other Chimera. The Overseers, the most powerful and highest ranking enemies we
have yet observed typically command up to twelve Primarchs.

Most analysts believe that the new, more adaptive command structure is related to a
command evolution of the Chimeran species. Dr. Malikov, however, insists that the
new hierarchy is a direct result of the Chimera coming under control of Daedalus.
Regardless of the cause, we can no longer defeat the Chimera by targeting the Angels.
We must now seek out and eliminate all higher ranking Chimeran command units in
order to take control of the occupied territories.

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