Subject: Preparation Begins for Operation Black Eden


Major Richard Blake took custody of "Nellie" from SRPA NT at 0800 hours this
morning. He is transporting it to field headquarters in Cocodrie, Louisiana. Blake has
ordered that the two surviving Sentinels. Lieutenant Nathan Hale and Corporal Joseph
Capelli, accompany him on the operation. Lieutenant Hale has remained in a
medically induced coma since he was nearly killed in Iceland on May 17th. Dr. Malikov
has requested more time in order to complete the Zeta series of inhibitors that he
believes might reverse the transformation process that Hale has experienced. Dr.
Malikov claims he is very close to finishing the new series, but he may need two more
weeks before he can create sufficient quantities of the inhibitor to be used in the field
Without the new series of inhibitors, he believes Hale can survive approximately three
hours once woken up. After that, Dr. Malikov predicts he will become irreversibly

Major Blake has ordered that Hale join the operation on June 26th whether or not the
Zeta series inhibitors are ready. He estimates that the operation will either succeed or
fail in the span of four hours. Using Hale for the operation is a calculated risk but
Blake insists that it is the best chance we have for the operation to succeed.

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