Subject: Successful Nuclear Test at SRPA NT


At 1201 hours yesterday the nuclear research team at SRPA NT, led by Robert
Oppenheimer, successfully detonated a four kiloton fission bomb. This is the largest
successful nuclear test ever conducted. The team had conducted tests with much
smaller yields for several years, but they were unable to produce sufficient quantities
of enriched uranium to create large energy yields. The project had been sidelined
while SRPA invested in conventional weapons development and biological research.
But with the recent recovery of data from the nuclear reactor in Axbridge,
Oppenheimer's team made a series of major breakthroughs. Their construction of a
thermal diffusion enrichment plant led a vastly increased quantities of highly enriched
uranium. The team is now preparing a six kiloton bomb, codenamed Nellie, for use in
Operation Black Eden. The operation is scheduled to begin in nine days.

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