Subject: Hawaii Colony Vanishes With No Trace


The crew of the USS Providence reports that the civilian colony in Hawaii has
disappeared. All military personnel on the battleships surrounding the islands are
also missing. There were no radio signals or distress beacons sent from the area and
no evidence of any attack on the islands. Command stations lost radio contact with
naval crews in the area at approximately 0100 hours on June 14th. The USS
Providence, which had been en route with supplies, arrived at 0823 to find the islands

The crew of the Providence searched all six islands by air. No bodies were discovered.
There was no indication of a natural disaster or of any attempt to leave the islands on
the part of the colonists. There was also no trace of the crew members of the seven
battleships surrounding the islands. Equipment aboard the ships was fully operational
and there were no indications of conflict aboard any of the ships. For all appearances,
the naval crews and the civilian colony of 172,000 people have simply vanished.

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