Subject: Chimera Continuing to Activate Towers Worldwide


Reports from British Intelligence and SRPA aerial reconnaissance of South America
confirm that the Chimera are activating tower nodes across the planet. We have
documented fifty-eight active towers spread across the U.S., South America, Iceland,
Africa, Europe, and Asia. The active towers each emit a beam of energy into the sky
that then arcs and connects to the nearest active towers. The largest of the active
towers, known as "hub towers", are powerful enough to transmit energy between the
continents. The Holar, Iceland tower - near the former location of SRPA Station Igloo -
is one such hub tower. SRPA intelligence analysts are still trying to determine the
purpose of the web of energy encircling the planet. As of yet it does not pose a threat
to either our ground or air units. However, the energy web continues to grow
larger and stronger each day. It is urgent that we discover its purpose before the
Chimera complete it.

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